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  1. Wow I haven't logged in here for years, literally lol. I couldn't believe the news when I heard it, I mean you could kinda tell they had lost their heart over the years. But I never expected them to actually leave. It's sad to see that half of the original members of a band that I had fallen in love with when I was a kid are leaving. But I wish them all the luck in the future with whatever they do, and hope they're successful with it as they're very talented. I'll continue to support Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor with Paramore too. I know it's mean, but I'm extremely happy that I got to see the original Paramore ages ago when they all still had their heart in it.
  2. Annmarie

    Decode Video

    I LOVE YOU! i've been trying to find one that ain't been deleted all night =/ I can't stop watching it over and over again. Hayley looks so adorable in some parts the faces she does. I don't know if it's just me but I found it funny when they would randomly come out of the trees (crappy humour I know).. Argh it sucks that the film isn't even coming out till December over here all these clips are getting me too excited 3
  3. Annmarie

    I guess I'm a newb

    okay that one's weak lmfao Ceiling~
  4. Annmarie

    I guess I'm a newb

    hey failure
  5. Annmarie

    Hayley's Late

    omg haha awwww That's so cute awwww
  6. Annmarie

    And we're back...

    I was about to get rid of these tabs to clear up opera after 37932 years, until i saw it was back. woooo
  7. Annmarie

    Rock Sound

    then on the rspv page there's a comment from a reader and the titles 'ginger winner!'
  8. Annmarie

    Rock Sound

    I got it today, there's quite a bit in there I didn't know about the band. I feel really sorry for them that they hardly have time to rest no a days. I love the pictures.
  9. Annmarie

    Why'd you choose your username?

    It's my name
  10. Annmarie

    twilight series

    Yeah Kristen, seems good for Bella, cedric is just bleh. Really can't wait for the movie, although I usually think the movies are a disaster compared to the books.
  11. Annmarie

    twilight series

    hopefully or for the whole film, i'm picturing him as gaspard same, he's the only actor i've seen that comes as close as what edward looks like.
  12. Annmarie

    Ping Pong

  13. Annmarie

    twilight series

    Nearly finished eclipse, my friend in us told me about them and I've been trying to find the books for ages! only got them two weeks ago. Cedric as edward is horrid 3 Gaspard should totally play him but Stephanie said no one over 20
  14. Annmarie

    UK TOUR!

    omg I think i know who you are lol (memory of a fish here) there were two of you and really early on i accidently held hands with one of you and then throughout the night we kept bumping into eachother and for the rest of the show we were all standing next to each other. then on the way out either of you said "good night ginger" or something. and you had m&g for sat Or i'm talking about someone else lmfao
  15. Annmarie

    Brixton [2/2/08]

    I wish I saw them last night as well as Friday. But I thought I might of been too exhausted after Friday to do it all over again. gutted i didn't go.