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  1. Allow me to re-introduce myself, I'm Kiersten. I used to be an obnoxiously active member of this forum a few years back, then senior year hit, then college, and now I hardly have the time to ever come here except for the occasional lurking of all things Paramore. Anyways, I doubt any of you still remember me but I would like to ask a favor. Basically, I am turning into an applying for scholarship freak since financial aid didn't turn out how I planned this year. So there is a haiku contest that I applied for and I need votes! http://www.directtextbook.com/haiku/17458 There it is and any vote would be appreciated :] The subject is to capture the spirit of my aspirations of this coming school year. So I made it symbolic about now letting stress break me. If I remember most of you guys are a pretty chill, supportive community, so I thought I would ask for help! Anyways, thanks ya'll! I hope to be lurking on here more :]
  2. I really hate to say this, but I just dont get the story line. perhaps its too simple and im over analyzing XD
  3. Hey wow, i probably havent been on here in months. but to those who remeber me hello Anyways. I have a survey that i need people to take for my math class. and considering i live in stereotypical white middle class America town, its hard to find diversity :[ so please help! Pick your race: Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Native American,or African American And one boy AND one girl name you like most. Girls 1. Isabella 2. Emma 3. Olivia 4. Sophia 5. Ava 6. Emily 7. Madison 8. Abigail 9. Chloe 10. Mia Boys 1. Jacob 2. Ethan 3. Michael 4. Alexander 5. William 6. Joshua 7. Daniel 8. Jayden 9. Noah 10. Anthony Thank you to all who help!
  4. roxchick93

    Rant Thread - Part 5

    i hate relationships. im on the verge of dumping a guy for no reason. i know if i do i'll regret it, but i want to. but the "every reason why" i should stay with him thought comes in my mind and im stuck. and i keep looking at this one guy and thinking "if i wasnt with my bf we'd be together" and im actually some what happy with that thought of being with that other and everything else comes in to play, and this sucks gosh dangit. id wish my bf would screw up so i wouldnt be a such a bitch for doing it. and its high school so it doesnt matter anyways, but still. i wish i could figure out what makes me happy. arg. ok rant over.
  5. roxchick93

    Health Care reform Bill... you opinions?

    yea cause i said "bad bad bad"... anyways. i did a research project last year for controversal topic debate we had to do in one of my classes. and it came from a credible source. sadly i cant find where that article is cause i never lable anything properly on my computer. and i said by 2020 that will be how much at the current rate it is going. k thanks.
  6. roxchick93

    Health Care reform Bill... you opinions?

    Most european countries pay more taxes than americans to make everybody equal economically, America doesnt do that. And i do not believe in paying high taxes in order to make everyone equal, or support everyone. cause there are plenty of oppertunities to get healthcare and make a decent living for you self with out the goverments help. and if you get layed off for a bit then tough cause thats life, then people would be motivateed to get a job again. and btw, since you brought up canada i would like to inform you that because of canadians socialized healthcare many canadians have to come down the US to get life saving surgeries because your lines for these are too long and people can die before they ever happen thanks to socialized health care. and i did a project on this for school and by 2020 providing healthcare for all of the citizens in canada will cost 50% of total government revenue. seriously. 50% soley to healthcare, there are ton of other things a goverment needs to spend money on and that 50% will drain out American if we get socialized healthcare. then taxes are going to be ridiculous to compensate.
  7. roxchick93

    Health Care reform Bill... you opinions?

    oh really? the goverment taking from the rich (or anyone who makes a decent living) and giving it to the poor and attempting to make every economically equal isnt socialist? well it certainly is the exact oppsite of capitalism.
  8. roxchick93

    Kerrang! - 24th March 2010

    no offense to hayley but how did she beat out dave grohl?? that guy is a legend.
  9. roxchick93

    Health Care reform Bill... you opinions?

    Im not against healthcare. Im against hard working Americans paying more taxes to pay for everyones healthcare. which will enevitably cause more problems such as longer waiting lines, less qualified doctors, and it could take months to get life saving operations Because in american we believe in capitalism (or so we did until obama) and we dont believe in socializing everything. then what is peoples motivation to get better jobs or make something more of there life if the goverment is supporting them? and this bill is taking away our rights. we HAVE to buy healthcare or else we get fines. some people just dont care and dont want to buy it, and you know what that should be there choice. not the goverment. sorry america isnt a socialist like the rest of europe. ohmy.
  10. roxchick93

    Rant Thread - Part 5

    i hate being young and not having a say in anything. seriously i am way to opinionated. i want a position to say something and be heard.
  11. roxchick93

    Careful, next single ?

    well first its gunna be "yay this song!!" then "holy crap not this againn!" haha.
  12. (probably gunna get heated. or no one will care. i just find this worthy of discussing.) http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_ts1290 the healthcare bill in America is passed. And to be honest this pisses me off. the provisions of the bill are what really get me... "-The bill, which the Congressional Budget Office says will cost $940-billion over ten years, is expected to cover an estimated 32 million Americans who are presently uninsured. Among its major provisions: -An "individual mandate" will require all Americans to purchase some form of health care coverage, with government subsidies provided to those needing financial assistance to do so. People who don't obtain coverage of some sort will be subject to federal fines, which would begin to take effect in 2015." i just dont find it right that our goverment is FORCING people to get healthcare. What if some one doesnt want to spend the money on healthcare? shouldnt it be OUR choice as Americans?? there are so many other reason why i am against this bill and you know what i could get past those. but forcing people to pay for it is absolutely ridiculous. Either you buy it or the goverments spends even more money (like trillion of dollars in debt isnt enough) buying it for you or they fine you, which is absolutely ridiculous. and "-All employers with 50 or more employees will be legally obliged to offer coverage - or else they will be assessed a stiff fine of $2,000 per uninsured employee." and at first yea that makes sense. employes should get coverage, but what if the company isnt doing well financially (cause our economy is down the drain) and cant afford coverage. by fining them wouldnt that just make it worse? that would just force more people out of business. And once again its taking away our rights as Americans. let us chose! im really tempted to go fly to washington and ask them what the hell they are thinking. ughh. okay. im sorry but i really feel the need to present this and get it off my chest. go debate (or not) im openminded. truly i am. as long as you have a reason to back up what your saying.
  13. roxchick93

    Careful, next single ?

    I wish it was Playing God. only cause i really love Careful and Im gunna get sick of it if its on the radio.
  14. roxchick93

    Harry Potter

    Snape, Bellatrix, and Draco are my favorite chacters thanks to the 5 and 6th one. haha how sad.
  15. roxchick93

    Rant Thread - Part 5

    ergg. why do teachers post the homework on the school website? every flippin time it never opens on my computer and my teacher wont let me make it up... hence my C in chem.