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    I'm a senior hs student.I belong to an all girl band.
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  1. ninski

    New Years Day

    i need to have their album!!! can't buy it here cause it's not available. and i can't download any songs.
  2. ninski

    Love Like This

    yea, but let's hope for something better
  3. ninski

    Love Like This

    hmm. like white night said, they sound a lot like kenotia. but i think the songs are good.
  4. ninski

    Stupid Paramore Quiz

    OMG. i cannot believe i got a 100%!
  5. that was cool. it could pass as a real music vid.
  6. ninski


    How old are you? 16 What sex are you? female What ethnicity are you? asian Who are your 5 other fave bands/ artists? (NOT INCLUDING PARAMORE) kenotia silverstein conditions christina aguilera urbandub Where do you live (area/ country)? cavite,philippines What are your interests/ hobbies? making music, practicing with my band, writing, internet,listening to music How often do you go out with mates? once a week ( ) once a month( ) once a fortnight( ) a few times a week( ) or rarely(x) Do you attend many gigs? (If so how often/ who?) Do you have a job/ go to school/ are in university? i go to a university.
  7. ninski

    Contest and a great surprise.

    I like this idea
  8. ninski

    Post a Pic of Your Handwriting

    haha.i don't even wanna show mine. my handwriting sucks!bigtime! LOL
  9. ninski

    Do you think like a psychopath?

    someone asked me the same question a couple of days ago =p and i answered "because her sister is dating the guy"
  10. ninski

    Your theme song?

    errr. when it rains probably.
  11. ninski

    paramore on 101.3 KDWB

    can someone please rip it?
  12. err.the link isn't working for me.
  13. ninski

    What are you listening to? Part 7

    i've got a dark alley and a bad idea that you should shut your mouth - FOB
  14. ninski

    7 to 1