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  1. Fact is, half of Paramore died the other day. Josh/Zac were the backbone of Paramore, so Paramore is more like Paralyzed now. As I said 2 pages back, the more they fail to talk about it, the more they crap on us. Sure you can kick some of us out, and away, but bands lose respect over time due to stuff like this. Same thing happened with Evanescence and their revolving door of band members. So I say, bear with the incoming stress of moderating people, and hold off the ban hammers until this passes so you guys don't end up moderating a ghost town forum for a band that is no more. ^^^ That is just worst case scenario. Im not a hater, not trying to be. Just upset 5 years of support is getting kicked in the face.
  2. I cannot wait to see what becomes of this board over time. Seems you are all losing it already. It is just music. The problem is that we start to care too much about the people behind it. I say, just buy the music if it's good, and you like it or if you don't than f*** off. I know I myself posted "negative" stuff earlier, but hey a ton of us are just mad over this. I said what I want the band to do if they want respect back, and if they don't do it, than I have no more use for them. Their old music will always live on for you guys willing to chance them still, but there is no need for the drama it brings.
  3. That is my beef with this all. It seems the fans are torn, but im willing to guess a lot of us that have been around for a bit will be hurt most by this. Their lack of a "real" response shows why they deserve no respect.
  4. The video being taken down is just another depressing blow in all of this.
  5. I don't see how anyone can really side with the band at all over this. Atleast not yet. Hayley needs to release a "human" statement talking and addressing what Josh brought up. Remind the fans that they still all wrote music together, and love the fans. The fact is that she seems to be hiding from it, and even their reps saying the blog was fake is just pathetic. If the band controls their own fate than they can release any kind of statement they want, and not some record company robotic message. Josh is atleast responding/chatting to fans now, and answering their questions. I expect the same of the remaining members. I've been with this band since the release of "AWKIF" and this whole situation ticks me off. I know Josh & Zac are angry too, but everyone will get over it in time. For right now, the band just needs to not lie to us, and sugar coat things. Im sure a few of you care more about the look/status of this band than care about the music, but for most of us that believed this was a genuine band.....we were wrong. This isn't to say that all the members aren't talented, deserve the best, and deserve to be happy. You don't have to agree with me at all, but Paramore is dead. What they were, who they are, what they stand for is gone. That is simply what came from all of this.
  6. MercsInc

    BNE Preorders/Deluxe Box Set

    <<<2049. I didn't like this album that much at first, but wow has it grown on me.
  7. MercsInc

    BNE Preorders/Deluxe Box Set

    I was shocked to see this in the mail today when I woke up. Usually I get my special editions/new releases on the release date or one day late because the company ships it late on purpose so no one gets it early. I must say I am impressed with how they can fit soo much in a tiny box. Paramore, you rock!!!
  8. The Coheed one I was talking about was the Neverender boxset. I was lucky enough to get VIP tickets to the Chicago shows. Good time.
  9. I totally had breakfast for dinner tonight too. Did something different. Fried egg sandwich with bacon, and a hashbrown on it. Not to be a dick either, I check a pre-order deluxe CD thread to see it closed, come here, and its breakfast, and the Sounds??? Lets talk about Paramore peeps. I love Ignorance!!!
  10. Wow this year has been expensive for music. Coheed Neverender box set $120, DMB box set $50, and now Paramore $40. These purchases were well worth it, and I couldnt be happier, but my favorite bands need to communicate as to when they are gonna release their pimp box sets
  11. MercsInc

    Final Riot DVD/CD

    I loved the DVD, Im not sure the limited edition was really worth the extra $20, but it's nice to have.
  12. MercsInc

    Final Riot DVD/CD

    I posted in another thread about this, but I also got mine, and im super happy. I only used the basic shipping but it shipped from only a city away from me. I was thinking I wouldnt get it until the holidays. The packaging is really cool.
  13. MercsInc

    The Final Riot! - CD + DVD

    I dont know who else got their limited edition yet, but I got mine today. The packaging is really cool. I will have pictures up later.
  14. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/40795.html download if the other links wouldnt let you.
  15. MercsInc

    Hayley in Guitar Hero 4

    Hah! People doubted me. Here is video of it: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/37018.html