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  1. Chris

    I Tabbed the new songs for you

    Awesome tabs man. I really appreciate it. Don't suppose you have an plans to tab All We Know, I can't find a tab of that song except for those chords on Ultimate-Guitar, but me being a newbie to guitar find proper tab much easier. Any chance?
  2. Chris

    Birmingham, April 24th

    Hey guys. im going to the Manchester show. Does anyone know if it's a headlining tour? If not who they supporting? I know Panic! are over in the Uk at the same time but who knows.
  3. Chris

    My List of excellent EMO bands

    A very good list of bands...But whether they're all emo bands or not is questionable.
  4. Chris


    Cool video! where do we see a His Res version?
  5. Chris

    Hidden in Plain View

    Buy the CD. The whole thing is amazing.
  6. Chris


    Yeah i guessed with you knowing Rushmore. It was more aimed at people who haven't heard of Rushmore.
  7. Chris


    Rushmore is a badass label in it's own right. And wanted to sign Fall Out Boy but FOB didn't want to because they want DTR booty. Check out http://www.purevolume.com/labels/rushmorerecords.
  8. Chris


    Don't bother, it's a ploy by Geffen Records to earn more money. It only has the Drive Thru name tag. I'm not sure that any of the bands on it re even ON Drive Thru anymore. However I will say that the songs on it are kickass.
  9. Chris


    Hey, just gotta put a link here to http://www.drivingthru.co.uk for all things Drive-Thru Records. Check it out.
  10. Chris


    Hello people. I'm Chris from England. How's it going?