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  1. Hi everyone! In honor of Paramore being back on Warped tour I have decided to sell one of my Summer Tic EP's on ebay! I was doing a bit of cleaning and found an extra copy laying around. I didn't post this on my ebay listing but I also found a crushcrushcrush 7" UK colored vinyl that I'll throw in with the EP as well. If any of you guys know someone who is interested in getting their paws on this EP please let them know that there is one for sale on ebay! EBAY LINK!
  2. if you're on the kroq street team you can enter to win. i'm not sure if there's a performance involved. the email is pretty vague. if you listen to kroq they'll probably reveal more info closer to the actual date. i don't think there will be too many people there seeing as how the majority of their fans will be in school and the older twilight moms will be at work. if you just go lurk around the troub on tuesday morning there might be a slight chance of getting in.
  3. stephler

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    oh geez i hope she's wearing like gray tights under those fishnets...because if she isn't then holy crapbag she is SO pale hahahhaa.
  4. i'm pretty sure this song is about the band's current relationship and how they feel stronger than ever after going through so much crap.
  5. stephler

    The Sounds

    they're amazing. they played a show in LA a few months ago and their new songs were awesome. maja has so much energy. have fun at your show!
  6. stephler

    Summer Sonic 2009

    Aug 7 2009 8:00P Summer Sonic 2009 Tokyo, JPN Aug 8 2009 8:00P Summer Sonic 2009 Osaka, JPN Looks like they're going to be heading back to Japan! Yay for all the Japanese fans.
  7. stephler

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    pretty sure this is unseen because i took it and i totally forgot it existed. he looks special.
  8. stephler

    No Doubt Summer Tour

    annnnnd the sounds or bedouin soundclash as support!??!?!? WOW. this tour is gonna be amaaaaazing
  9. stephler


    who managed to score tickets? they sold out in under a minute as usual haha.
  10. stephler

    Britney Spears

    omg yes! i love her brows!!!
  11. stephler

    Britney Spears

    Wow...time to get a thread going on Brit Brit. The new album is catchy as balls. Woooo! Yay for Brit If you're a fellow Brit fan then share you thoughts on her amazingness. The documentary was really good. I didn't think it was going to be that personal. I'm thinking about renewing my Brit Fan Club membership too hahaha. I might wear my Dream Within A Dream Tour shirt around on Tuesday haha.
  12. stephler


    Gibson amphitheatre...this is going to sell out in like 2 minute, maybe less. No joke. When they played Day 1 last year (aka the suckfest day) it sold out in like 3 minutes. By some act of God I managed to get a couple tickets but they were nose bleed seats. So good luck to everyone! For the past few years tickets have gone on sale the weekend before the event so it's harder for scalpers to sell stuff on eBay and craigslist. Tickets are like $75 too, maybe a little more with all the bullshit ticketmaster fees.
  13. stephler

    Kings of Leon

    my favorite kings picture! baby caleb and baby matthew are ADORABLE!
  14. stephler

    Kings of Leon

    their video for use somebody is out! it's amazing! they filmed it at the show i attended.
  15. stephler

    Kings of Leon

    omg milk is my favorite. yesss! keep this thread alive!