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    Welcome, Gerardo! Sorry this place isn't anywhere near as active as it used to be, but hopefully you can learn some new info about the band. Have fun at your first Paramore concert this summer! The male to female ratio is pretty equal at Paramore shows these days, so it's all good. Sometimes solo concerts are more fun. I've been to a few over the years.
  2. @yelyahwilliams You know it! Flying solo in Syracuse this Sunday until my sister-in-law can get out of work. Come h… https://t.co/dNL3LS5XVv

  3. My @paramore x @crisistextline shirt is here and… https://t.co/PR4mpKPlkQ

  4. RT @PalmerReport: If Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau were drowning and you only had time to save one of them, where would you and Justin Tr…

  5. RT @mKiK808: I know it’s #CutToTheFeelingFriday and you may be expecting something a little different but I thought this was important. YOU…

  6. @StartTheWave Thought you might like this and want to share

  7. @yelyahwilliams I’m only 2.5 years away from 35, so unless you guys release 3 horrible albums (and you’d really hav… https://t.co/0HdmJM6OLH

  8. RT @markhoppus: “YOU GOTTA MAKE THAT SHOT!” I yell at the world-class athlete who spent every waking moment since he could walk practicing…

  9. @EW I’m down any time you’d like to put the #WynonnaEarp cast on the cover of your magazine, EW. (Preferably soon.)

  10. RT @nerdsandbeyond: Pride Month Character Spotlight: Waverly Earp @DominiqueP_C @emtothea https://t.co/Kr9LtoUvjk

  11. Banana’s bridal shower!!!

  12. Happy 26th birthday to this wonderful human… https://t.co/UIPjSKX6iG

  13. @TonightAlive Thank YOU! Happy 10th, you wonderful human beings.

  14. RT @markhoppus: We need more female engineers, producers, mixers, musicians, and songwriters.

  15. Box cat. https://t.co/ZSnfsjpxaD

  16. Saturday night. https://t.co/90IiiaJ5Lc

  17. Well done, guys. Sounded fantastic! @jenalive11 @JakeAlive @CammAlive @mattfromdulla https://t.co/7q7dK4cxV4

  18. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!! ❤️ Thanks for dressing me in these sweet… https://t.co/iepQa3HZ7D

  19. Saturday night with Cup. https://t.co/IFe5EdT1W8

  20. @yelyahwilliams Just one of those days. I’m watching Jurassic Park for the billionth time right now and almost shed… https://t.co/0TsMk7NDZm

  21. “When this girl at the art museum asked me whom I liked better, Monet or… https://t.co/fFpdUcYz7s

  22. You’re awesome, Rhode Island. #starwarsday @ Providence, Rhode Island https://t.co/OCJShHPZA1

  23. @heyjessej Haha, and I think I saw Kylie Minogue post earlier today, so we’re good.

  24. Guess what... https://t.co/lbjSu9sNaU

  25. Celebrating Grandma Dorothy’s 90th birthday!