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    Just stopping in...

    It's Clefable, Clefairy's evolution. And for those of you wondering about my signature, the font I use in the word "misery" is italicized Palatino Linotype (forum size 7), and there's a rainbow text generator on tektek.
  2. Retsu

    Just stopping in...

    I doubt anyone remembers me, but I used to be in love with this forum. Admittedly, I was much more of a lurker than a poster (my post count can testify), but I thought I'd just check in. =) To be honest, I'm not into Paramore much anymore (Gasp! Blasphemy!) but I still acknowledge them as a damn good band. As my Last.fm account could tell you better than I can, my tastes have changed... a lot. I still do like to go back and listen to All We Know is Falling sometimes, though. =P How is everyone?
  3. Retsu

    Live Earth..

    ai otsuka was the best, by far. <3
  4. Retsu

    does anyone know how to make hearts?

    Try holding down "Alt" and typing "3" on the number pad in Notepad or whatever. Should work on most Windows OSes.
  5. Note that I don't mean in general here... I simply mean in the demo version of "Rewind," which is a Best Buy-exclusive bonus track.
  6. Retsu

    Billboard review of RIOT!

    Same thing was written on allmusic.com, too...
  7. Retsu

    →; Retsu's Recs ;←

    Okay, some of this is kind of obscure but I ask that you give it a chance. P: This is basically my ability to ramble on about music I like... and anyone else's ability to care. [ Miz - http://myspace.com/mizrockjapan ] I'll start off with someone who really deserves your attention... the best Japanese rocker I know of, Miz. She's absolutely amazing. :hyper: If you want to rock out, I suggest "Bittersweet." If you'd rather here what may be the catchiest bubblegum pop anthem of all time, check out "In The Sky." Both are great and deserve your attention. ^^ [ I Am Ghost - http://myspace.com/iamghost ] A lot of you have probably heard of I Am Ghost. They're signed to Epitaph and they're on the 2007 Warped Tour, so they're not exactly obsure. P: Oh well. Still love 'em, anyway. My personal favorite is "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps" (which is on the Warped 2007 compilation), but "The Dark Carnival of the Immaculate" is quite nice, too. =D [ Malice Mizer - http://www.myspace.com/malicemizerfanmadepage ] These guys are pretty much an acquired taste. People like to think of them at sort of the Evanescence of Japan. P: I'd say go for it, you might like them. My personal favorite is "Illuminati." That's it for now... Will add more later.
  8. I'd assume you just have to change the filename. It's not that important, but I thought I'd point it out. ^^;
  9. Retsu


    okay, you'll have to be a little open-minded before listening to this song. it's j-rock, so yes, it's japanese. but i still adore it. the song is "karuma". tell me what you think. [: that's not my only favorite song, but it's the one most people like it.
  10. "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" is by This Providence, not Cute Is What We Aim For.
  11. That's awesome But here's to hoping they don't go all superstar on us :/
  12. Do we have any information on how Misery Business is doing on the singles charts?
  13. I was playing RIOT! one day, when the Best Buy-exclusive bonus track "Rewind" came on... I noticed the similarities right away. A few minutes later, my friend was like, "Is that a new Kelly Clarkson song?" For those of you who have heard it, can you see the resemblance?
  14. Retsu


    I'm sure your hardware will have Vista drivers once it becomes more standard. I'd say wait it out if you can.