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  1. Thinking of selling this T-shirt Got it in 2007. it has never been worn. as much as I know, they don't make these anymore. anyone knows how much it worth?
  2. Chesh

    Unseen Pictures Thread

    It's from the MTV's "The Lair" in Australia I didn't find anything on youtube but they are available for download somewhere either on the media section here or the media section on Paramore.org
  3. the guy from paramore.org filmed it you could see that on youtube, well not in pro quality but still http://youtube.com/results?search_query=paramore+nashville
  4. Chesh

    When will they make a dvd?

    It would either be the Nashville concert for their cd release or the Astoria one on the 6th. but I don't see that one released as they putted some videos on the MVI already Josh did film the fans outside and I would love to see that footage who knows
  5. Chesh

    KROQ webcast 12/8

    I'm going to rip the whole webcast but I'm should it'd get uploaded on here eventually
  6. Chesh

    New Official Website

    When I try to send out a message, I see this: Application Error ERROR ERROR: CAUGHT AN EXCEPTION /WEB-INF/jsp/templates/common/setAppProperties.jsp(5,17) The attribute prefix fn does not correspond to any imported tag library
  7. Chesh

    Goodbye forum

    So... I just got back from there today. lol it seems that I have a little problem with my arm so they changed my date to February so I'm going to be in computers or something, not sure yet I guess I'll leave in a couple of months then.. ()
  8. Chesh

    Goodbye forum

    Yo all, I'm going to the airforce tomorrow and won't be able to write here. I'll be at home only at weekends for a few months if anyone cares.. lol anyways it was pleasure to write here, hang out with you guys, and helping the community goodbye all! I'll be back later on probably
  9. ok found it, you can order it from here and they do ship international: http://www.recordstore.co.uk/home.jsp?wherefrom=productdetail.jsp?catalogNumber=AT0295-BUND
  10. There was a preorder on some site. I bought them 3 (CD + 2 vinyls) for 3pounds not includes shipping
  11. Finally I can see the awesome artwork and the actuall discs haha I thought it's going to be released on the 26th but it looks like people have it already as I've on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PARAMORE-Crush-Crush-Crush-UK-2-X-7-CD-Set_W0QQitemZ110198016795QQihZ001QQcategoryZ58669QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem very cool
  12. Chesh

    Paramore @ MTV2 - MTV Live

    just ended that was cool
  13. Well I hope MTV2 is not fooling us this time. it says on my tv schedule that they'll be on 2:30 am. I guess in UK it's 1:30 am or so anyways watch it