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  1. marcometer

    Suburban Legends

    Ok well there is this band called Suburban Legends who were my favorite band for about 4 years or so. They started out as a ska band. Chances are you have seen them if you went to Disneyland from 2002-2005. They were the house band for Downtown Disney and played at Tomorrowland inside Disneyland. They are still the ONLY band, that is allowed to play their original songs inside the park. Anyway they have gone through some major line up changes as well as sound. They have drifted pretty far away from their ska roots, but are still a fun band to watch. I worked at a venue in Texas while I was in the Army and booked a bunch of shows for them from 2003-early 2005. So I became friends with some of the band members mainly Brain Robertson (trombone) and the late Dallas Cook (trombone, RIP). Anyway they now play pop-rock/funk with horns. But they still play their old ska songs at shows, which makes me happy. Plus they do ska covers of Disney songs like Under The Sea & I Just Can't Wait To Be King. I still prefer the old band (when Tim was the singer) than the new one, but I still like them, just not as much as I did back in the day. But they are still on my top 10 list of favorite bands. Anyway if you haven't heard of them, here's a taste of their sound, new & old: Old sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMCOHwjC0g0 new sound: Oh and one of the most annoying things about the new sound and line-up are the "fan-girls", girls who know nothing about the band or their history who are only at the shows because they think certain band members are "hot". Maybe I'm just not used to it because I've always known them as a ska band, and ska bands don't have fan-girls. But I guess when you get a band with "good looking" dudes, that kind of stuff happens. Eh, what can you do. I just miss the massive skank pits which are now no more than 10 or 15 people now, when they play old songs. Im just hoping maybe they'll make another album, that's more on the ska side than pop or at least have a couple of ska songs for the old school fans. current line-up: top left: Brian Klemm (guitar), Vince Walker (vocals), Derek Lee Rock (drums) bottom left: Luis Beza (trumpet), Brian Robertson (trombone), Mikey Hachey (bass) old line-up: top left: Derek Lee Rock (drums), Chris Mauer (bass), Brian Klemm (guitar) bottom left: Dallas Cook (trombone), Aaron Betrham (trumpet), Tim Mauer (vocals), Brian Robertson (trombone), Vince Walker (trumpet) they've had different line-ups before including another singer, but these were probably the 2 that lasted the longest and most memorable.
  2. Does anyone like The Bosstones? These guys are pretty much legends. I so excited about March 1st, because I'm driving from Phoenix,AZ to Hollywood,CA to see them!! This will be the first time they will play on the west coast in 5 YEARS!! I never thought I'd see the day. I've seen them a couple of times when I was in middle school back in the 90's. But I've been waiting for this for long time. I know they are playing at Bamboozle, but I don't think they are going to tour, so this may be the last time I see them. Anyway if you never heard of the Bosstones, then you probably weren't alive in 1996. March 1st baby!!!! WHOOOO!!
  3. So former vocalist of the Phoenix band Blessthefall is the new lead singer of Escape The Fate. Apparently former ETF vocalist Ronnie Radke was sentenced with 5 years probation with his involvement in a fight that left and 18 year old male dead. I guess what happened was it was originally going to be a 1 on 1 with Ronnie and the 18 year old, but the guy brought 4 people and Ronnie brought 3. One of Ronnie's friends pull out a gun shot one guy injuring him and shot the other dude, killing him. His friend then committed suicide after he shot the 2 guys. But again, I heard that from an UNOFFICIAL source so I don't know if that was completely true or not. Anyway I never really liked Escape The Fate, but now that Craig is the new singer, I might give them another listen. Im just wondering if Craig will be moving him and his family (girlfriend, daughter) to Las Vegas to be with his new band mates from Scottsdale,AZ.
  4. I really hope it's not an arena tour. I hate arena tours. Or at least have the show in Phoenix somewhere that's all general admission like The Marquee or Mesa Amp or Tempe Beach Park.
  5. marcometer

    good news for LESS THAN JAKE fans

    Im SO happy, LTJ is going to release a new album that Has SKA and pop punk in every song. Because honestly I HATED their last album (from Warner/Sire). It didn't sound like the Less Than Jake I knew and loved. Ive been a long time fan of the band for 12 or my 24 years or life so that's literally HALF my life. I think the best step for the band was to start their own label. Especially since Vinnie left FBR, he's pretty much in full control instead of just half. Plus his since his experience with FBR, I don't think he'll fall into the situation he had with them this time. Now the only thing that will make my life complete is to see The Mighty Might Bosstones do a full U.S tour or at least play in Phoenix,AZ one more time. I couldn't make it out to Boston when they did they came back and did their Hometown Throwdown.
  6. marcometer

    lovehatehero :DD

    Yeah I promoted and booked a show for them in El Paso,TX (back when I worked for a venue, my side job while in the Army). Anyway it was a couple of years ago. back when this other dude was in the band, forgot his name but the only thing I remember was that he was a vegan. Cause they didn't get paid, all they asked for was a place to stay and food. So I go all of them food at Jack in a Box and the guitarist was the only one that did eat. But funny story, I saw the guy at Disneyland last year, he remembered my name, but I didn't remember his. Also Paris and Pierreick and a dude from the Valentine were responsible for turning the marquee from "LoveHateHero and The Valentine tonight" to this: The vegan guy who I don't remember his name is the one holding the "hi" sign. Im the one with the red arrow pointing to them.
  7. Before: After: eh so what do you think? bad or good? Oh yeah guess I'll plug this while Im here. Ive got add my photography profile http://www.myspace.com/marcperezphotography. But anyway it took me about 20 minutes to make this (everything in Photoshop goes faster when you know your shortcut keys). But yeah, just wondering if anyone else thinks it's okay and stuff.
  8. marcometer

    Surprise Guest for Arizona show.

    Im totally torn now. I really want to go to Paramore BUT Big D & The Kids Table is playing the same day. Im really curious to see who the guest is. If it IS NFG, then that might get me to go. But Ive been a Big D fan longer, plus it's a ska show! I haven't skanked since the Reel Big Fish & Less Than Jake show in August. But then again, The Aquabats, Streetlight Manifesto & Suburban Legends are playing on Dec 1st. But my friend Kevin is going to Big D. NONE of my friends like Paramore (or music of their nature). So IF I do go to Paramore, I'll be going by myself with nobody to hang out with. So ahhh. I don't know. so here's the run down of the pro's and cons: Paramore Pro's: Hayley:p Big venue doesn't have a 21+ section so I can walk around the venue w/ my drink I can get that Paramore shirt I didn't get at Warped Tour (I got a Big D shirt instead) Venue is a shorter distance from my house (not by much, but still shorter) Curious to see who the mystery guest is Missed the last headlining Paramore show Cons: Tickets are more expensive I have to pay for Parking Nobody to go with, so I'd be going by myself:( The venue is not as intimate as The Sets (venue Big D is Playing) Probably a bigger crowd, so more people Big D & The Kids Table Pros: it's a ska show, ska = skankin:hyper: Been a Big D fan longer venue is more intimate My friend Kevin is going Missed Big D last time they came to town w/ Anti Flag Big D is headlining, so they will most likely play some old songs tickets are less free parking Cons: Further distance to drive (not by much, but still far) smaller venue (The Sets) can't get Paramore shirt 21+ side is blocked from the main area, so no walking around with drink cons about both: Saw them both at Warped Tour Met both bands at Warped Tour so yeah, I know most of you will say Paramore cause well.... this IS a Paramore message board. But I don't know, Im thinking about getting tickets for Paramore tomorrow (cause it might sell out the day of). But at the same time will feel bad for not going to Big D. But will feel sad for not going to Paramore if I go to Big D. Things that will convice me to go to Big D, if my best friend ends up going (but I think he has to work that day, so probably not). If I had someone to hang out with at Paramore, that would convice me to go. But of all the people I know about 2 of them actually like the band, but one is in Oregon and the other is poor (Im not paying for them). This is probably the hardest decision Ive ever had to make about a show,, AHHHH HELP!!!?
  9. Hey I made a flyer for and up coming show here in Phoenix,AZ. Im gonna be passing them out at the Voodoo Glowskulls show and at the Big D & The Kid's Table show (where the ska kids are at). Maybe take them to some record shops and skateparks. Plus blasting them all over my friend's myspaces. Anyway this show is going to be amazing! The Aquabats have NEVER put on a bad show But yeah Streetlight and SL are support so you know the ENTIRE show will be amazed. I really hope the Streetlight fans get into the SL pit and skank it up and show those SL fangirls* how to really dance at a ska show. *fangirls are the girls who show have been showing up lately at Suburban Legends' shows. Not because they like their music but because they show up ONLY cause they think certain members of the band are "cute" and scream at the very site of the band. Ever since SL has been gotten a bit more popular and have been playing pop-rock with horns with their last 2 CD's (instead of ska). Hopefully since there will be alot of ska kids there, Suburban Legends will play more of their ska songs, instead of the new stuff (I like the new stuff, but I LOVE their ska stuff). I also hope The Aquabats will play more of their ska songs too. Streetlight has been their horn section when they played with them before and hopefully they'll do it again for this show!
  10. marcometer

    Social Distortion

    So does anyone like Social D. They are legendary and I think they should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. If you never heard of them, then all I have to say is: "WHAT???? Have you been living in a cave??" But yeah I just saw them live a couple of nights ago with Bad Religion. It was pretty much one of the best shows I've ever been to. My favortie songs are: Mommy's Little Monster, Ball & Chain, Story of My Life, I Was Wrong, Prison Bound and Ring of Fire (cover). But pretty much every song by them is awesome. But yeah these guys are legends and one of the best bands to ever grace this planet.
  11. marcometer


    i think they are okay, saw a little bit of their set at Edgefest last night in Phoenix,AZ (I went there to see Bad Religion & Social Distortion). But they are a little to melow for me. But I do think they are a talented band.
  12. marcometer

    Big D & The Kids Table

    Pretty much the BEST band to come out of Boston since The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Even though they have been around for a long time. They really broke out in the national scene in 2004, which was a big break for the ska scene. Anyway they combine real punk rock with two tone & 3rd wave influenced ska creating their signature sound. Their new album is the best ska album I've heard in 2007 and one of the best albums ever. My favortie Big D songs are: LAX Noise Complaint http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szlErXP9Cnc Little Bitch (The Specials cover) They are comming to my town in November. The only problem is they are playing the same day as Paramore. I love both bands equally but Im not sure which show to go to. This will probably be the hardest decision Ive had to make a bout a show, in a long time. So does anyone else like them?
  13. marcometer

    Bad Religion

    One of the best bands of all time. Im seeing them on Saturday at Edgefest in Phoenix,AZ. They are playing with Bad Religion. Yeah, this is gonna be awesome. I bet you all are wishing you were in Arizona now.
  14. marcometer


    NOFX = legends. Fat Mike = my hero.
  15. marcometer


    Check out some of the pics I took of Cartel when I was at their show last night in Tempe,AZ: It was a pretty good show. It's so funny cause in 2004 in El Paso,TX my friends band played with them and hardly anyone knew who they were, now they are huge! and my friends band is dead. Oh and Will for some reason reminds me of Lucas Grabeel from that High School Musical movie.