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  1. for the record i don't have tumblr so i'm just getting this info second hand. apparantly this appeared but was gone within minutes. http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/5913/13zx3pf.jpg 99.99% sure its not for realz, but im just sayin'...
  2. BABsxo.

    One Direction

    seriously thought this was a thread for the x factor boyband.
  3. BABsxo.


    i reckon they'll take footage from most shows and use that in a documentary, but probably film a full london show for a live set. the train line im relying on is shut right now but is apparantly gonna re-open on friday - just in time for my going through on saturday. here's hoping anyway.
  4. BABsxo.


    i've got a sneaky suspicion that they're doing a dvd of this tour.
  5. BABsxo.


    can't wait to see them for the first time in february, mainly because danger days is possibly one of the best things i've heard all year. my inner fourteen-year-old is epically excited. /2k6 emo kid.
  6. BABsxo.


    aah i was forgetting that.
  7. BABsxo.


    they're supporting blink in the UK next year. i wonder whose arse they had to kiss for that one?
  8. BABsxo.

    Paramore in the UK 2010?

    it's a joke but it's no surprise. even for a pessimist went down like a led balloon.
  9. BABsxo.

    Paramore in the UK 2010?

    so much love for last night. for a pessimist, when it rains and let this go were my highlights.
  10. BABsxo.


  11. BABsxo.

    Paramore UK Meet & Greet?

    a friend of mine got an aberdeen one, but because of the train he's getting up he won't make it in time. so if he were to notify the fanclub that he can't attend, would his space go to someone else?
  12. BABsxo.

    Paramore in the UK 2010?

    it's an improvement on last years three right enough.
  13. BABsxo.

    Paramore in the UK 2010?

    literally the most random band they could have got to fill that slot, no?
  14. BABsxo.

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    i've decided im gonna take some shoddy advice and just stalk/bother [him] until i get a reaction. starting from NOW.
  15. BABsxo.

    Paramore in the UK 2010?

    one day i'll get a meet and greet. ONE DAY. niether/both.