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    .Kill Hannah.

    If you were ever to combine rock, alternitve, and electronica all rolled up into one you'd get Chicago's own: Kill Hannah made up of Mat Devine, Jonny Radtke, Dan Wiese and Greg Corner. "Until There's Nothing Left Of Us" is probably one of their best works.
  2. Parawhore914

    Panic At The Disco

    EXACTUALLY! gah. I've been watching Live in Denver all day Oh, and DaytimeCamisado--I adore your avvie.
  3. Parawhore914

    What song is stuck in your head? part 2

    Nine in the Afternoon by Panic[!] at the Disco
  4. Parawhore914

    Your sexuality?

    ViRGIN. haha.
  5. Parawhore914

    Panic At The Disco

    Oh! I noticed! [After I refreshed my memory and listened to the video again ] I knew they were influenced by the Beatles and, after listening to them since-forever really-and watching the Grammy's [where they played this song] I put two and two together :] But seriously, Nine in the Afternoon is--like, there's no word to describe it. Don't point and laugh at me but...I've seen this video, no joke, almost a hundred times[if not more]. I don't know why but, just something about it-the colors, the camera technique, EVERYTHING-just makes me want to watch it over and over again to notice little details and stuff...
  6. Parawhore914

    Your sexuality?

    Because two weeks is suchhhh a long time, right? Well that's good. Wait, what happend to that one girl, Emily right? Did that cave in or what? edit: Okay, I just read a couple post back...Anything else that happend though? And I'm good, relatively speaking I guess...Things could be better, things could be worse. The girl I like has a boyfriend, I accidently said I had a girlfriend to piss off the girl I like and um...yeah, that's basically the extent of my life at the moment. I'm sooo sorry Mariah, that seriously sucks. Do people have no compassion in the world anymore? Seriously.
  7. Parawhore914

    The Great Music Challenge

    butbutbut, I wanna be the first one! Ha. Wish I could put something on here but my recording capabilities are that of a dog...
  8. Parawhore914

    Your sexuality?

    Me speaking from experiance--just go for it. There's always something you can loose by doing something but there's also things the you can loose by not doing anything. If that makes sense, you know? Oh, and I agree with Alex--there aren't, especially from where I'm from. It's always a big deal when someone annouces they're bi/gay but then no one actually goes out with anyone... Zomg, I just wanna hug all of you all, I've missed you soooo much. I know I came on here like--a week ago but, I'm gonna stay for good now so: what's up with everyone? [save me the trip of looking through all the pages ]
  9. Parawhore914

    new lj 11/02

    Ha. Why do they always make me laugh?
  10. Parawhore914


    I have too many mixed feelings about this...On one end, I know I have to be the bigger person and except the fact that Amy Winehouse won but another part of me just wants to scream at the top of my lungs. I respect Amy as a musician but at the same time, I can't stand her. If that makes any sense?
  11. Parawhore914

    What Are You Listening To? part 5

    Brighter by I don't know, guess
  12. Parawhore914

    Your sexuality?

    Haha. If the last month hasn't "proved" that I'm bi then, I don't know what has. :[
  13. Parawhore914

    Be part of my school research!

    Age =14 Gender =Female Have you had any of these symptons these days? Answer either "YES" or "No". Feeling chilly =Yes. Headache =Yes. Neck and shoulder pain = No. Nausea = No. Insomnia = Yes You don't want to eat = Yes Feeling blue = No Lack of strength = No Continuous feel irritated = Yes Something else, what? = Tired? Rate with a scale 1-5 (1 = not at all...5= a lot) how which thing worry you and causes stress to you. Early schoolmornings =3 Homework =4 Grades =5 Family arguments =5 Your look =5 Your height and weight =1 Exams =5 Future (choosing your occupation) =3 Money =2 New familymember =1 New girl/boyfriend =2 Disputes among friends =3 Schoolsecurity =5 Global Warming =5 Nature catastrophes = 3 School shootings =5 Tobaccco, drugs and alcohol =4 Something else, what? = Death. With who you can talk about your troubles? Answer either "YES" or "NO" Father =No. Mother =Yes Friends =Yes Girl/boyfriend = Yes School nurse =No School counsellor =No In internet =Yes Someone/thing else, who/what? = Journal.
  14. Parawhore914

    What Are You Wearing?

    Ha, nice Judy ;] I'm wearing some skinnies, gray Converse and this Paramore shirt I made last summer.
  15. Parawhore914

    What Are You Listening To? part 5

    Blind Game Again by Gravitation
  16. Parawhore914

    Your sexuality?

    Whoa. I haven't been on here in almost a month, I feel so left out :/ So what's been going on for the past, oh I don't know...28 days? How was Paramore Alex, you must spill all!
  17. Parawhore914

    Paramore Headlining GIAN

    Grrr. Stupid Brits. You get all the good tour line-ups... Haha. JK. I love you all dearly :]
  18. Parawhore914

    Rock Sound January '08

    Bahaha ^^^ That made my night :]
  19. Parawhore914

    Paramore Headlining GIAN

    It says lineup to be annouced on 16th of January... BUT THAT'S SO AWESOME! Paramore and 30SecondstoMars?! **dies**
  20. Parawhore914

    We Are Broken To Be The Next Single?

    Huh. Well...Not that I don't like WAB but--I don't know...Maybe I just don't want mass amounts of people listening to my favorite song on the record? Haha. But seriously--Wikipedia? Er. It's not that realiable...Some stuff, yeah, but...
  21. Parawhore914

    new lj 01/08/08

    Bless them :] Can't wait to see what 2008 holds for them.
  22. Parawhore914

    Your sexuality?

    Isn't where you act "gay" but really aren't called metrosexual or something?
  23. Parawhore914

    Rockstar Taste of Chaos 2008

    Hmmm... No offense but, this year, the lineup kind of sucks. Like, I'm trying to hurt anyones feelings. I just think that, from past years, the lineup is well--not boring 'cause, I'd go and see Bullet for my Valentine and the Underneath but...
  24. Parawhore914

    Cobra Starship

    ^^ Haha. And[was it Vicky? I forgot] was like, you can't take the car out because, we have no car!
  25. Parawhore914

    Panic At The Disco

    Haha. Wish I knew how :/