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  1. indabisofmisery

    Josh and Zac have officially left Paramore.

    yeah this whole thing starting with the fake tumblr post yesterday kind of blindsided me.
  2. indabisofmisery

    Josh and Zac have officially left Paramore.

    this is terrible. paramore will never be the same. i haven't been following them as closely as before... what were the indicators that people are referencing?
  3. indabisofmisery

    Tegan and Sara Interrogate Hayley

    this whole summer is just a dream tour and i'm so happy i got to see it. this interview is so cute!!
  4. indabisofmisery

    All I Wanted (Piano version + Hayley's Vocals)

    oh my lord. that was just absolutely fantastic. must download.
  5. indabisofmisery

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    ^ I feel ya... when I first told one of my (incredibly vain) friends, she responded with "that's cool, as long as you don't fall in love with me." I don't know why they assume that... maybe it's because they're afraid that if you go for them then they'll actually like it
  6. indabisofmisery

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    it's so hard to stop thinking about. i totally understand!
  7. indabisofmisery

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    I wish that was possible too. friendship would be so much easier at this point. someone will come along eventually that will completely blow this girl out of the water. you may not think it's possible now (I honestly don't either), but it'll happen. patience sucks i'll definitely keep you posted on what happens, or what doesn't. it's good to talk out our mutual problems, eh?
  8. indabisofmisery

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    just sleep with HUNDREDS OF OTHER WOMEN and you'll be fine. haha just kidding... don't do that. I mean yeah, I'd try to get over her too, but don't just give up hope. "there's always hope as long as hilary duff still has a career," (I read that quote yesterday and I can't for the life of me remember who said it). I can understand why the whole guy thing would make you less than pleased... it hasn't yet happened to me but I do dread that day. I'm going to try to get something out of her when we get back to school... start hanging out one-on-one more often, going to more movies, just being chivalrous in general, etc. if nothing comes of it (or she starts dating a guy), then I'll join my school's pathetically small GSA (catholic schools...) and go from there. it'll take awhile but I'll get over it. and so will you.
  9. indabisofmisery

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    oh, never say someone's "too pretty" for you. that doesn't exist (I would hope this girl isn't too superficial!). keep at it, though... maybe she'll see something in you. some people don't date based on gender, you know? see something you like and just go for it. at the very least, you can get a great friendship out of it. as for my friend and I, we don't talk much about our romantic lives (or lack thereof). she doesn't really mention girls, but I didn't either before I knew I was gay. when we're not at school, we communicate every day over facebook or texting or phone calls (something that neither of us do with any of our other friends, but this could mean anything). most of the signs I've gotten have been pretty inconclusive. the most glaring "signal" that I've noticed is the tension that I feel when we're together. like if we accidentally touch arms or something like that, I can feel her get nervous and pull away (we went to a drive in movie theater together and laid in the trunk of her car to see it; it was pretty cramped and it happened incessantly), but I don't know if she's trying not to lead me on or if she's nervous for the same reason I am, so I've spent the last 10 months or so really, really confused and conflicted.
  10. indabisofmisery

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    ^ that sucks. but you never know; maybe you can convert her? I have no idea how to get over crushes like that... if I knew the answer I'd tell you!! the girl i'm in love with is my best friend at college (though I'm not entirely sure she's 100% straight given her sparse romantic history). we hang out all of the time and I've seen her 3 times during summer break despite a 4 hour time difference between our houses. the problem is I don't want to make a move because I don't want to make our great relationship weird, but waiting for her to is excruciating since I don't know if anything's actually coming.
  11. indabisofmisery

    Your Sexuality? - Part 2

    as do i.
  12. It's okay someone already helped me out....

    But Thank you.. :)

  13. Hey can you help me please...?

  14. indabisofmisery

    Hayley - One Life One Chance

    aw she's so adorably awkward in this video... but she speaks so much truth. more people should listen to that. she has so much common sense.
  15. indabisofmisery

    Paramore headlining the 2010 Honda Civic Tour

    the show last night was spectacular. i've never seen any concert that was ever that good. i haven't been listening to paramore much lately, but that show made me want to.