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  1. Kris


    i love somerset, i realized awhile back that forrest use to be my older brother's best friend up until high school i think and we talked a couple time back and fourth on myspace about him, not something i really wanted to talk about with him but w/e. but i was really into the music until i realized he looked familar and of his name and it hit me, i might be going to see them with quietdrive on the first of march for the first time.
  2. yes, but they're not that great of quality because well i had my camera on a low setting the whole time and i didn't know it but i'm sending them to this site and another paramore fansite asap.
  3. those are great pictures and videos! that show was amazing, I loved it.
  4. Kris

    Simple plan

    I'm definitly not ashamed to say they've been my favorite band for 4 years. The put on the best live show and they're some of the most nicest guys you'll ever meet (well, i've met them 23432534 times so lmao yeah.) I have nothing bad to say about them.
  5. Kris

    hi ;)

    my name is pretty obvious, i'm 17 my location on the side. i've seen paramore once in st. cloud - i think they're amazing so i'm seeing them again on the twelvth of next month which i'm very excited for. i think they're incrediable and i cannot get enough of them!