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  1. lalalalisa

    Pics from show in chicago

    they didnt allow cameras. so, there were not many taken.
  2. lalalalisa

    Paramore high on the Myspace Charts

    very cool! thanks for letting us know!
  3. lalalalisa

    Misery Business Video

    exactly. and may i just add that is is great to have a discussion about something without it turning into a childish argument??
  4. lalalalisa

    Misery Business Video

    hey, im just trying to show the other side of the story so you and everyone understand where the band is coming from and you understand that they have every right to be mad.
  5. lalalalisa

    Misery Business Video

    paintings...music... its all their work. and i dont think that they should just have to come to terms with it because it happens all the time. that is not a decent excuse at all.
  6. lalalalisa

    Misery Business Video

    ok... lets give a litte hypothetical situation...if you were a painter and you worked relly hard on a painting and you were ready to unveil it in a museum and somebody stole it a week before and put it in the museum without your permission, would you be mad? you know, you should be excited that people want to see it, so its ok that it was taken without permission. you should just have to come to terms with it. right? i think not. i wasnt talking just to you- i was talking in general.
  7. lalalalisa

    Goodbye PF.com

    diego- you know i love ya kid. the situation sucks, but you will be missed. and to everyone else... dont judge a situation that you dont know. only diego, ash, brent, and other staff members know what is going on. none of the rest of us can say anything about it because we dont know. just dont judge.
  8. lalalalisa

    Misery Business Video

    they don't want it leaked because that is their hard work. they want it released when they want it released. it is a video that they put so much into and they want it released on their own terms. just don't spread t.
  9. lalalalisa

    Chicago 5/8

    i made a thread for it over in the press forum... you should check it.
  10. lalalalisa

    Chicago 5/8

    alrighty kids... here goes nothing.... so, i was running very late on tuesday (i left an hour later than i wanted to, then realized 20 minutes after i left that i forgot the tickets... then began my 3 1/2 hour drive) so, i drove the 3.5 hours home, stopped REAL quick to pick up some stuff, then was on my way. drove an hour to the house of blues, got there at about 4:10, got confused and had to do valet parking ($23- yuck). finally, though, i made it in. all the m&g people had to sit and wait in the lobby and finally at 4:30 they told us to line up. after more waiting,they called out all he names and we waited again... then, at like 5:00, they walked us upstairs, in a single file line (i felt like i was in school). then, m&g... they were standing behind a table and three of us could go up at a time to get stuff signed and get pics. i had them sign my ticket because we were told they were going to scan them. turns out, they rip them. so, the dude ripped off zac and -aley. so, i got jeremy, josh, and H. so, yeah, but whatever. i got to talk to them for a second, and that was cool. wish it was more informal though. after we went through the line, i finally realized Ashley was right there, said hi to her, then i ruhed in to get a good spot. ash followed soon after, so we got to chat and stand rigt up front for the show. after waiting or what seemed like an hour, love arcade started. i thought the music as OK, but the lead singer seemes drunk and none of them seemed like they were really into it. not a fan. next was houston calls. they were fun, i liked the music. the keyboard player was right in front of me and he was fun to watch. he just gets so into it all and he made me laugh. then, this providence. they were really good. i liked their set a lot. i was especially impressed when they started talking about their faith. it was cool for them to just put themselves out there and really speak from ther heart. then, after another especially long wait, our faves came out. they rocked the HOB. as soon as miz biz started to the very end, i was impressed. they really did great. i was so excited the whole time. i danced my butt off, even though the guy next to me was giving me dirty looks the whole time. i swear to you, every time i began to move, he stared at me. dude, its not my fault you felt the need to stand with your arms around the girl in front of you. we are at a show- you are going to touch other people besides the girl you are groping! and people are gonna move! sorry, random rant. so, yeah, the show was awesome. afterwards, i wanted to get a shirt, waited a while to get to the merch table and realized that i left my cash in the car. yeah, im dumb. so, after that, i left. i was really tired and my feet hurt real bad, so i just left. im not sure i anyone stayed around, but i had the feeling that they wouldn't be coming out to chat because they were on Q 101 right after the show. i listened to that station the whole way home and finally heard it when i got back. it was a good little interview and acoustic performance. so, thats my day. it was a good day in the end, so i was happy. here's my pic: sorry, i look bad. but they're awesome. and heres the setlist, to the best of my memory (not necessarily in order) misery business pressure all we know born for this for a pessimist... hallelujah emergency brighter here we go again never let this go whoa franklin (not sure....) ok, so make corrections to the setlist. im pretty sure is wrong. so, thats it. enjoy.
  11. lalalalisa

    Q101 interview/acoustic show

    wow... i posted that in the completely wrong thread...
  12. lalalalisa

    Q101 interview/acoustic show

    oh, and if you didnt know, Q101 is a chicago radio station.
  13. lalalalisa

    Chicago 5/8

    ill be posting a more complete revew later, and i will include a setlist...
  14. lalalalisa

    Q101 interview/acoustic show

    they talked about what it was like to form a band at such a young age... the DJ said that he didnt like miz biz at first, but now loves it and they talked about how that is cool that people can grow to like it... they talked about the tour and how fun it is... excitedness for the new album.... then the DJ asked if they wanna do any shout outs and hayley's like ... we have some awesome fans, and theres this websit PARAMOREFANS.COM and the people are awesome and the forums afre awesome and we know some of the people who run it pretty well adn they're awesome... so yeah.
  15. lalalalisa

    Q101 interview/acoustic show

    they gave an awesome shout out to p-fans!!!!! yeah!!! they're doing pressure right now.