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  1. holleh

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    Tom Falcone is the drummer from CIWWAF. I'm assuming she maybe probably does hang out with him? Not saying that this is her, just stating who that bro was lol~
  2. holleh

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess it's 6:16am and I haven't slept yet.
  3. holleh

    SELF Magazine Shoot

    Flawless lady is flawless.
  4. holleh

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I haven't been here for a really long time. I also confess that I find it funny that so many people that were here, even before I got here, are still posting.
  5. HOLLEH KEEPS IT REAL! i still remember our pact darling. gon be doin shix!

  6. It just finally hit me that they're leaving...... I haven't been following them very closely at all for a long while now, so it's come as quite the shock to me. :\
  7. holleh

    First thing on your mind - Part 2

    I really don't want to go to school today -.-
  8. holleh

    You say a lyric from the song your listening to.

    Mourn the memories later, laugh now alligator.
  9. holleh

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

  10. holleh

    First thing on your mind - Part 2

    I haven't posted in so long D:
  11. holleh


    I'm going as Carrie!
  12. holleh

    Your Current Obsession Part 2

    Alway and will forever be Josiah Leming.
  13. holleh

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess my wisdom teeth are coming in, and I'm in a lot of paaaiiinnn
  14. holleh

    Favorite Hayley Picture Part 3

    d'awww that last one is so cute :3