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  1. lewymocha06

    Anyone Remember Me? :P

    Hey I joined this forum, years ago? I havent been on here in ages! Anyone remember me?
  2. lewymocha06

    Favorite Hayley Picture Part 3

    http://paramore.bandaiders.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=288&pos=13 Looks kinda like Avril Lavigne from that angle
  3. lewymocha06

    The X Factor

    I vote for them, and everyone I know does too LOL! Everyone loves them! It's not fixed! They're gonna win! Lucie was the best, and I love Joe! Llyod is kinda shit at singing, although I felt bad for him! He's kinda shit though. Louis is right he only has the voice for a boyband.
  4. lewymocha06

    Confession Thread - Part 8

    Im off to class anyways Cya!
  5. lewymocha06

    Avril Lavigne part 2

    You Will Never Know is a collection of her B-sides. NOT the new record. The new record is out in March 2010, with the 1st single being released January. Song titles we have so far are; 1. Black Star (Epic piano ballad) 2. Everybody Hurts (Acoustic verses with explosive chorus) 3. Darlin' (Acoustic, and catchy) 4. Fine (An up-tempo song with high energy) 5. Gone (Evan Taubenfeld's favourite song, with strings) In the brackets are descriptions of the songs we heard of Gonna be an amazing record. Avril wrote 6 of the songs alone with no co-writers, and also produced two of the songs herself. She describes the record as emotional and introspective.
  6. lewymocha06

    Confession Thread - Part 8

    This seems to be where all the convo is happening?
  7. lewymocha06

    Brand New Eyes Acoustic Versions

    Where the Lines Overlap
  8. lewymocha06

    Past and Future Tour Dates

    Thanks Any other past tour dates will be awesome too!
  9. lewymocha06

    Past and Future Tour Dates

    Hey guys! I really want a list of Past and future tour dates for Paramore. Like all their past tour dates, and their future tour dates coming up! Anyone have a list of dates saved, or can anyone get me this?! Would be really appreciated, thanks!! - Lewis
  10. lewymocha06

    Who would you like to see Hayley do a duet with?

    Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani.
  11. lewymocha06

    Ignorance Video Shoot

    When do you think the video will be released?!
  12. lewymocha06

    get rid of this spammer

    From experience (Avril Bandaids had a huge problem with Bot in the past few months), the best way to deal with them is captcha codes in registration process. You can also provide a question during registration such as, "Are You a Bot (To Complete this step type "No")". Simple steps but they make a HUGE difference. Hope that helps.