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  1. Great review! It really was an unforgettable night. <3 Paramore even more now, if it's possible.
  2. Born For This


    That's me haha! The pastilles were lovely:p
  3. Born For This


    It was AMAZING. I queued since before 12pm yesterday, and while i couldnt feel my toes by the time they let us in, it was worth it, as i got the 2nd/3rd row, right in the centre. I got seriously crushed, I mean I lost count of the girls who had to be pulled out it was so bad. Never experienced anything like it. They were amazing, they had 3 supporting acts, i think the first was Now Married With Children (never heard of them), then it was Paper Route (who came out to speak to those of us queuing earlier on), and lastly, You Me at Six. But Paramore rocked the house:D They came out for their encore in Irish soccer jerseys, with their names on the backs. They had Paramore footballs, which they each signed, and they kicked those out into the crowd. Jeremy's went so far it ended up in the seated area wayyyyyyyy at the back. They also threw out Zach's drumsticks at the end, and i caught one! Best. show. ever. Downside: I was taking pics with my cam when they were performing Ignorance and got pushed sideways, the camera knocked off someone else and the damn batteries fell out. So got F*** all pics. Ah well, it was amazing anyway.
  4. Born For This

    Brick by boring brick video information :D

    What a great, great video. A nice change from their regular performance videos. Nobody could have predicted a video like this from Paramore. Great work guys <33
  5. Born For This

    Brick by boring brick video information :D

    New Tweet from Hayley: Speaking of videos... our's for "Brick By Boring Brick" is going to be DONE tomorrow. FINALLY! Can't wait for you all to see it.
  6. Born For This

    Brick by boring brick video information :D

    AWESOME! I really wanted a non-performance video, haven't had one since MB, which I loved. Roll on it's release!
  7. Born For This


    i got entrance 1...dunno which is better!
  8. Born For This

    OMG!! Hayley tweeted my Youtube video!!

    Cool video, can see why she tweeted it! Not sure I'd like Paramore with a male lead though
  9. Born For This

    BNE Preorders/Deluxe Box Set

    I recall that when FBR showed what the box contains, they had #0, so wouldn't that mean there were actually 15,001 copies of the set? Unless of course they stopped production at 14,999...
  10. Born For This

    Redesign Thread

    I could help you with that if you guys would like. But first you'd have to install it, then if you gave me ftp server access or something (just to that folder even) I could customize it for you. Just a thought.
  11. Born For This

    Brand New Eyes goes for #1 in U.S.

    Damn you Barbera Streisand...the one week you stray back to singing!
  12. Born For This

    BNE Preorders/Deluxe Box Set

  13. Born For This

    Your favourite opener?

    I think a lot of it may be to do with Careful's "newness". Maybe
  14. Born For This

    Your favourite closer

    Born For This is amazing, but has to be My Heart. All I Wanted is easily the lesser of the three.
  15. Born For This

    Your favourite opener?