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  1. omgitsmogo

    The Infamous SPAM Thread part 11

    Hiya everyone! Anyone interested in 2 tix to the paramore concert in NJ?
  2. I bought 2 tix for this but I can't go anymore, let me know if anyone wants them! They are sold out!
  3. omgitsmogo

    Central Park, NY show

    Hey drummer do you happen to have meet and greet tix?
  4. omgitsmogo

    The Infamous SPAM Thread part 11

    Kristen or Mogo, either one. I used to be really active a while ago but haven't been on in ages
  5. omgitsmogo

    The Infamous SPAM Thread part 11

    Hiya everyone, long time no see =)
  6. omgitsmogo

    Central Park, NY show

    I'm going! I wish i was in the fan club so I could get meet and greet tix though =(
  7. wow i haven't been on here for FOREVER either. I miss everyone terribly, but have just been insanely busy. Taking the SAT's, school work, lacrosse coming up. I'm so disappointed there's no tri-state area shows for the JEW/Paramore tour! Currently praying they'll add an NYC show in there.
  8. omgitsmogo

    Randomness a.k.a. the infamous Spam thread pt. 6

    Weather is cruddy as hell here today.. rainy and blech
  9. omgitsmogo

    Randomness a.k.a. the infamous Spam thread pt. 6

    HI LOVES! I know its been forever, i've been WAYYYY too busy and i miss all of you! Whats up?
  10. omgitsmogo

    Post *your* pictures Part 3

    James for some reason that pic looks like harry potter to me lol
  11. omgitsmogo

    chao for now

    NO KATTIEEEEE who else am i gonna discuss relationships with?? =( I shall do your homework from now on lol
  12. omgitsmogo

    Your sexuality?

    I didn't mean if you were gay... i get that you're straight What i was asking is if people in your school THINK you're gay because of the way you act?
  13. omgitsmogo

    Your sexuality?

    Well thats cool that you're gay.. but not gay? Haha Do people think that you're gay though?
  14. omgitsmogo

    Your sexuality?

    Yeah i'm confuzzled
  15. omgitsmogo

    Barney's Big Adventure...

    Vegas is really awesome, btw I <3 your hair!