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  1. EasyTarget

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    Sorry for the late replies guys. I'll try that out Kayla. And I've wanted to try out some John Green for a while Caitlyn, will get around to that soon.
  2. EasyTarget

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess I'll do literally ANYTHING to avoid uni work. This includes scouring the boards of a website I haven't looked at in months.
  3. EasyTarget

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    I haven't read for fun since August and I really need to reclaim my love of it. (University killed it for a while.) I'll be taking To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye with me on a long flight next week. I've decided to go through all the classics I've yet to read. Any recommendations of must-read books would be welcomed.
  4. EasyTarget

    an unopened letter to the world. - Pt. 2

    Dear self, STOP PROCRASTINATING. The sooner you start the damn essay, the sooner you'll be finished. You can then resume your weekend and enjoy it instead of living under a cloud of worry about when you'll do the essay. Shannon.
  5. EasyTarget


    I demand you watch them! Rise was just INCREDIBLE. It really got my heart thumping at times, far superior to Pure and Fire (which let me down a bit). I'm going to miss Skins.
  6. EasyTarget

    Lana Del Rey

    I agree with regards to Summertime Sadness being far better on the album than as a single.Those beats ruin it. All we need is her voice! I love Lana. She's one of my favourite current artists.
  7. EasyTarget

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    The Woman who Went to Bed for a Year by Sue Townsend.
  8. EasyTarget

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess that this time next week I'll be living in a flat with my boyfriend and I'm kind of terrified.
  9. EasyTarget

    The Hunger Games

    Damn it. Those videos make it look really good.
  10. EasyTarget


    Mmmmeh. Cassie is the only one I'm excited for. I've nothing against Cook, Effy, Naomi or Emily they're just not amongst my favourites.
  11. EasyTarget


    I love that you came back here for this. It still doesn't feel real.
  12. EasyTarget


    I'm really looking forward to the new series for a bit of closure on some stories. I'd prefer more focus on gen 1 characters too, but you can't have it all. Does anybody know if JJ is making an appearance? I loved him so much.
  13. EasyTarget

    "Still Into You" is the Next Single!

    Not gonna lie - I love it.
  14. EasyTarget

    The Wish Thread - Part 2

    I wish I could afford driving lessons.
  15. EasyTarget

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I'm loving it.