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  1. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    yeah you are so right about the corn exchange i saw AFI there last year and ithe venue sucked.... sadly im going to see 30stm there i wish it was barrowlands again !
  2. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    i really hope this is true... i take it that all previous tickets will be valid if it is true ?
  3. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    i take it there isnt a date yet .... could you guys do me a favour, i dont get the chance to get online at home often i only get to check my email at work. Would you mind emailing me if there is a date announced ? my email is auberginegirl2002@yahoo.co.uk
  4. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    would have been seeing them 2nite .. any news on the dates being re scheduled ?
  5. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    ^ yeah i noticed on Glasgow CA website that they hadnt changed it to cancelled. i have exams in May as well but it shouldnt be too bad for me coz i only have 3
  6. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    Im so gutted last week sucked for me ( i had to leave my job ) and the only thing that was keeping me going was the thought that i would be seeing Paramore on Thursday. :crybad: I hope they dont reschedule for when im on holiday
  7. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    the barras is Amazing !!!! i saw AFI there in october and it was THE best gig i have been to ! thanks guys for the info on the q
  8. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    i So cant wait till the 28th.... have you guys been upstairs in the venue, i have only been standing downstairs and im not sure if you queue at the same door or is there a different one for upstairs ?
  9. butterfly250

    Glasgow academy

    Hi guys im sorry if this is in the wrong place or has been posted already, but i wanted to know who is going to the Glasgow show ? x x
  10. butterfly250

    Hello everyone

    OMG thats so cool im from East Kilbride... i got to college in Hamilton lol again obv i like paramore but my fave band is AFI (and blaqk audio) , The cure, Foo fighters , Placebo , Lost prophets, Muse and Darren Hayes ( yeah i know most ppl dont like him but i have like him since Savage Garden lol)
  11. butterfly250

    Hello everyone

    Hey its good to see another Glaswegian Where abouts in Glasgow are you from? Thanks for saying i have mega good taste in music , what other bands do you like ? xx
  12. butterfly250

    Add your Myspace...

    mine is http://www.myspace.com/butterfly250
  13. butterfly250

    Casey Stratton

    Hey guys could you please check out Casey Stratton's stuff he is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter He was once signed to Sony but decided to go indie. http://www.caseystratton.com or http://www.myspace.com/caseystratton tell me what you think
  14. butterfly250

    Blaqk Audio

    i think thats so much better than a bigger show. I hope they come to the UK or Europe
  15. butterfly250

    Paramore/ATL UK Tour

    oh i hope its true and they do a gig in Glasgow i missed them last time