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    Hey I'm Franny and I lead a You Me At Six and The Blackout appreciation life.
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    You Me At Six, The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses, Young Guns, We Are The In Crowd,VersaEmerge, Lady GaGa, D.R.U.G.S, Canterbury, Tonight Alive, Paramore
  1. paint the sky grey

    The Wish Thread - Part 2

    oh my god this thread has been dead for 2 years, holy fuck. anyway i wish i'd get accepted for the flat i was applying for because i need one so badly
  2. paint the sky grey

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    yeah we shall see, we can do nothing about it anyway. i'm so excited right now btw since paramore are over here at the moment, doing some promo stuff for album 4. aha they haven't been here since i saw them in 2009 i think! no problem, i tend to do this a lot too! :/
  3. paint the sky grey

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    we did indeed in our little para family! same here, it just makes me want to go back in time to have the good old times back, we met so many great people on here! i honestly don't think so. i've often thought these days, we're another generation yet again. people about the age of you and me, we grew up with using boards to exchange on the internet, while "new" paramore fans, also from the next generation, seem to prefer twitter, tumblr, etc. you know what i mean? :/
  4. paint the sky grey

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    same here! it was so much fun having those chat afternoons or play games and all that stuff! these boards used to be my life haha i wish they'd somehow be brought to life again. btw i know i'm super slow at replying, sorry about that!
  5. paint the sky grey

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    same here! my internet is quite lame in general lately, but pf is killing it right now! haha god; i kinda miss these boards
  6. paint the sky grey

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    i haven't been on here for ages. oh my god
  7. paint the sky grey

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

  8. paint the sky grey

    Use One Word To Describe The Person Above - Part 2

  9. paint the sky grey

    Who have you seen live?

    i'm going to see young guns, the xcerts and your demise in october, and what i'm the most excited about, asking alexandria in january. i love them so much.
  10. paint the sky grey

    Album 4

    Ilan Rubin is such an amazing dude. I'm having quite high expectations on this new record, but I'm sure they won't be disappointed at all. Really can't wait for new Paramore stuff, it's been a while since I've last really been into them.
  11. paint the sky grey

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess it's been a while since I've last been on here.
  12. paint the sky grey

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. (or however her name is spelled)
  13. paint the sky grey

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    i confess i might be back on here a bit more regularly in 2 weeks.
  14. And my words will ring in your ears... XD

  15. paint the sky grey

    Vampire Diaries.

    ikr it was a really odd dream haha well i kinda didn't get most of the last episode, everything was so weird again somehow haha