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  1. Fire At Will

    Music / Marriage / Everything In Between

  2. Fire At Will

    Bust Magazine - November 2013

    I've seen them at Chapters/Indigo. I got a copy at my university book store…randomly, I had never noticed them before.
  3. Fire At Will

    The Self-Titled Tour

    I was looking on Ticketmaster (I was dreaming about hopping on a bus after class haha) and they had that "pick you own seats" map and there didn't seem to be a whole lot left I just noticed I registered here 8 years ago today. What. I feel I'm too young to have been on the internet for 8 years haha
  4. Fire At Will

    The Self-Titled Tour

    May somethingth, Phoenix Concert Theatre! That was the show I was supposed to interview them for here but they "were delayed at the border" so they got me into the meet and greet instead. I also have a hilarious video of Pressure where a guy jumped off the stage to crowd surf and landed right on top of me. I hope they weren't…discouraged? Hayley didn't tweet, or retweet anything after the show haha Perhaps I am reading too much into it but it would suck if they were turned off Canada as a result.
  5. Fire At Will

    The Self-Titled Tour

    The crowd last night in Montreal was sparse unfortunately... The sides sections were pretty full and the floor had a good showing but the back 3 sections were practically empty. I can't imagine that would be very inspiring to have directly in front of you the whole night but they did an amazing job and the crowd sounded like a full house at least. The last headlining show I saw was before Riot came out...so it was awesome to hear so many songs live for the first time/I had to try and hold back ugly tears for like 90% of the night. I'm just so amazed by the production value, it doesn't quite feel real yet.
  6. Fire At Will

    Old Member - Exciting News

    Ah, the Brent connection. I hope something came out of it! Let us know! Do you think Hayley would remember you Jarrod?
  7. Fire At Will

    Old Member - Exciting News

    I just saw your post on the official site! Congratulations!!! That is wild…I can't believe it's been 8 years. I wish I had a way to help you out.
  8. Fire At Will

    The Self-Titled Tour

    I think it will be any day now, the ticketing website for the Montreal date says they're on sale (as seen here: http://i.imgur.com/QsXsdgj.jpg?1 ), but with no link to the actual tickets. When I came home this evening and saw it I was so stressed out until I realized it was a fluke. Earlier they had the prices listed too but have since taken those down.
  9. Fire At Will

    New LJ update

    True Bloooooood
  10. Fire At Will

    Something that kind of bugs me...

    all you have to do is adjust the size of your browser window
  11. Fire At Will

    When do you think we'll see Paramore's 4th album?

    They need time to live before they can release anything else. Life on the road isn't exactly an interesting album topic.
  12. Fire At Will

    More admins?

    Well somebody has got to be the forum enigma and I am a lady. For the record.
  13. Fire At Will

    Hayley on New B.O.B. Album

    bad ass, will certainly be interesting
  14. Fire At Will

    Paramore headlining the 2010 Honda Civic Tour

    Page 2, post number 23 haha