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  1. Whit’s he doing there?! Maniac!

  2. Yasssss. Fine start!

  3. Heavy wind outside is keeping me awake.

  4. @noisepollxtion @emilyisabore Two of ye can fuck off

  5. Know whits absolutely gantin? Lucozade.

  6. @Birchall_87 Hahaha. I hate Cricket but fucken delighted

  7. The match where Mankind beats The Rock for the WWF Championship at the start of 99 is absolutely tremendous. What a match!

  8. I’m close to losing the nut today in work. WHY ARE FOLK SO PICKY ABOUT THEIR BREAD?! Surely to hell it doesn’t ma… https://t.co/jnblHVitGR

  9. Here am aboot tae get my first ever Taco Bell

  10. @aching_laughter @zacfarro Yesss haha i remember talking to the guy about that

  11. RT @rachelantonia_: an arrangement of 'we are broken' cause I've been asked to do one! cuts out at the chorus bc @yelyahwilliams sings note…

  12. @hellaradyelyah You absolutely don’t! If anything you make people feel better so always remember that!

  13. RT @paramorefans: It’s the last day of the month, When our project must end sadly, So here’s today’s first Paramore fan, @itsalynotali http…