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    "I'm lost... metaphorically, existentially" Damon&
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    I'm Samantha, wanna know anything else, then ask.
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  1. Echelonforever

    Samantha's Graphics

    Sorry for the late reply! But of course I'll make you one. Can you send me a message on twitter of what you want? I check it more often than here (:
  2. I miss my long hair so much ):

  3. Cut my finger open on the plastic wrap. Lovely.

  4. I must say I'm really annoyed with life at the moment.

  5. Echelonforever

    Samantha's Graphics

    No, I don't mind. I'm glad you like them(:
  6. Someone buy me and Edward Scissorhands poster, please. I will love you forever.

  7. Trying to clean out some PSD's. I have 1116 D:

  8. Getting my hair cut tomorrow D:

  9. Also might be getting 3 of the TVD books, and a TVD book signed by Ian(:

  10. Dear college refund, please come tomorrow. I really want my Yorkie.

  11. Echelonforever

    Samantha's Graphics

    Awesome, I'm glad you like it(:
  12. Echelonforever

    Samantha's Graphics

    I did a MASSIVE post @ LJ w/ 69 icons & 10 animations from 'Monster' Preview; See the rest here =]
  13. No one is online; boyfriend is asleep. This is fun. Not.