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  1. xXBrittXx

    twilight series

    thats awesome!
  2. xXBrittXx

    Happy Valentines Day :D

    i hate valentines day too but i made cards for my friends. unfortunetly i have a huge exam all day tomorrow =[ but i hope everyone has a great....love-filled day! <3333
  3. xXBrittXx

    how's the weather where you live, part 2

    well basically it's so cold that frost-bite is instant and theres about 5 feet of fresh powder since sunday. temp wise it's about -45C or -49F but colder than that with the wind chill. and NO the schools are not closed...
  4. xXBrittXx

    Simple Plan

    i think they're ok, not my fav or anything, but they're new song "when i'm gone" is pretty catchy
  5. xXBrittXx

    Kids In Glass Houses!

    i think they are amazing. i want to see them live so bad but no one ever comes to where i live -.-
  6. xXBrittXx

    What Are You Listening To? part 5

    Come On, Come On-Driving East
  7. xXBrittXx

    3 Things You Did Today - Part 2

    -school -bought 2 cds -watched the 2 new episodes of Chuck
  8. xXBrittXx

    What Are You Listening To? part 5

    Me Me Me-Kids in Glass houses
  9. xXBrittXx

    My Favorite Color

    i love lime green, purple, and black
  10. xXBrittXx

    What Are You Listening To? part 5

    You've Dug Your Grave, Now Lie in It-Kenotia
  11. xXBrittXx

    Empty Yer Pockets

    well my pockets are like...a danger because i never know what in them but heers what's in my jeans pocket as of today: -movie stubs from like 2 months ago -a reciet from HMV -an eraser shaped like crackers -a bag of broken gold fish crackers -cell phone/ipod -$50 -ripped up september bus pass
  12. xXBrittXx

    Favorite show?

    i love Moonlight...
  13. xXBrittXx

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 4

    When it Rains