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  1. Casparchaos

    Randomness aka the infamous Spam thread - Part 5

    I'm Good I want it to be tuessssdaaaay now .TOC
  2. Casparchaos

    UK TOUR!

    SBE is amazing i travled up to see The All-American Rejects there last year ,it was awsome apart from y'know it being like my first proper shall we say'rock' gig and me realising that you should never ever wear boots in a mosh pit and apart from getting beer thrown over my head by donny from towers of london it was quite alright tbh.I wanted to travel up to london anyway cos i have family there but as soon as i mentioned the word brixton my mum was like NOOOO ahh well. Gah i want it to be next yeah
  3. Casparchaos

    UK TOUR!

    I'm only going to the second one .I'd love to go to the 1st but i have urrm other commitments that night [i have to go see my horse that i part loan on that day then i'm heading of to see the rocket summer in liverpool] and by the time i'd done my horse and gotten to manchester it'd be dead late plus my mum says if i get 100% attendance till jan 30th i can have the day/half a day of to go que up outside
  4. Gaah nah standing sold out for this date and i've sat in the appolo before [for brand new] and i hated it. Much rather get squished to death much more fun then sitting being boreddd imo. I forgot to ask my mum to buy tickets this morning to. But i'm staying up alll night soi can buy tickets tomrow for the one on the 30th an this extra date means i can go see 30stm the day before and i now don't have to sell my ticket. Arrrgh i loveeee this.
  5. Casparchaos

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    Thank fucking god there's a second mancheester gig. Someone up there loves me , I forgot to ask my mum to buy my tickets this morning. So now i can go see 30stm and Paramore/Nfg yay it'll be sooo worth it. Arrrgh I'm having an all nighter so i can buy tickets ahah but i don't really get that tired anyway so all is good. Just a question will there be meet and greet tickets when the manchester ones for the 30th go on sale tomorow and how quickly do you guys think standing will sell out?
  6. Casparchaos

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    I know but the thing is i would have minded less if i had lost out on a m+g to a fanclub member than someone who isnt in it or a tout etc. Because at least they could have used em y'know
  7. Casparchaos

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    That's a good idea i think they should do presale again like maybe tomorow or instead on friday and put general sale ahead till sat. It's stupid i've already missed paramore twice I don't wanna misst hem again and whyyy don't they come to liverpool whyyy?. grrr would be so much easier for me if they did.
  8. Casparchaos

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    I've signed it...
  9. Casparchaos

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    Gah they should hav emade it stick to 2 that way i may have just been able to get one. bleh or maybe it;s cos my laptop/mum's laptops are both complete and utter wankers.
  10. Casparchaos

    Paramore UK Tour, Jan 2008

    FNDSHGU didnt get presale grrr i had it then my computer was being dead lsow processing it and stuff so i switched to another one and it was SOLD OUT fflsdfdsjdsj i better get genreal sale cos i've arragned to sell me 30stm ticket so i can go to this sshow bleh if anyone has a spare m+g ticket for manchester i'd love your forever if you'd let me buy it of you. If no one does that's cool arggh how the fck am i meant to get manchester when i'm at school at 9 and school block like all the ticket sites i wonder if my mum would let me stay buy tickets and go straight to school after i'll ask her.
  11. Casparchaos

    UK TOUR!

    lfhjndsfjdshdjGSHDBFSJFDJFDSJ I HATE MY COMPUTER it's so slow i oreder the tickets but then it toook forever to process it and then it was like SOLD OUT fuccdksfdnsfksdf so i'm gonna order on fri no m+g but i will see tem hopefully also does anyone have a spart m+g ticket for manchester if not that's ok but if so i'll love you foreeeeever I could pay you at the vneue or meet you somewhere if you live near enough and pay you then
  12. Casparchaos

    UK TOUR!

    I'll be wearing clothes nicee ones. I haven't decided yet but my mum cos she's ammamzing and all says i can have the afternoon of school so i can go que up otherwise i won't get there till 6 ish and i'll be right at the back probs.
  13. Casparchaos

    Meet n Greet Winners

    On their blog the uk tour one it says all members who buy tickets through presale will get to meet them. I'm confused weather they acutally meant this or all members will be entered into a draw if so how many presale tickets do you think that there will be i'm only getting one i think i may go to this alone i dunno yet ,i was gonna invite my friend but she kinds always lets me down for gigs.
  14. Casparchaos

    UK TOUR!

    I can only go to manchester bleh I'd love to go to more but manchester will do. I'm thinking of getting them all preasents and stuff,any idea what i should get.I'm making All time low shirts[if they are on this tour to] I dunno what to get paramore though..hmmm i have 2 months to think so..
  15. Casparchaos

    UK TOUR!

    I know, hopefully i'll get the presale. Arghhh i'll see you their i suppose I won't be able to get their till around 5 at the earliest most likely 5:30 and it'll probally just be me and a friend or just me and i dunno how long the que will be cos it's on a tuesday night i belive in school time. what time are you getting their james?