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  1. Hiroki

    All Time Low

    Go Babs go!!! Saw them live a few times and they were good Their albums suck tho
  2. Hiroki

    The Inbetweeners

    It's like a modern day Bottom (watch Bottom) wont transfer in the same way to a film but the series is awesome
  3. Hiroki

    The Pope visiting the UK

    20m for a paedophile sympathiser hmm worth it.
  4. Hiroki

    What was your first album?

    Bingo!!! Thanks for clearing that up Andrew
  5. Hiroki

    General Music Thread

    Yeah when he had something about him and didn't sell out. I still stand by my claim that he was an influential artist though. Without him you wouldn't have the current wave of pishy urban music
  6. Hiroki

    Debate Thread

    I still think it's a bit odd just trusting someone enough to planning a relationship around them when you haven't even met them you know?
  7. Hiroki

    General Music Thread

    Ah no (that's cause I avoided all that Obama pish), what was he doing?
  8. Hiroki

    Debate Thread

    Don’t know if it’s been done yet but I was wondering what peoples views on online relationships are? Can they really work? Reason why I ask is my mate Russ in Scotland claims to have a girlfriend yet he has never actually met her (she either lives accross the otherside of Scotland or on the borders or somewhere) he has just spoken to her online and plans to meet up with her at a concert. He claims it’s real love I’m just not sure how it can be since he has never met her (only spoke on the phone) and doesn’t know for sure is she is who she says she is! She could be an old woman for what he knows and he wont listen to reason from his friends and family.
  9. Hiroki

    General Music Thread

    Nice I agree. I'd probably have to say for the UK it would be Dizzee Rascal as he has paved the way for all those UK urban artists.
  10. Hiroki

    General Music Thread

    So who do you think has been the most influencial band/artist this decade? I see what your saying. I use amazon marketplace a LOT and always have good service and I goto indie record stores to buy albums cheap.....guess I have not really had a problem in buying music when money hasn't really been an option. Even when I was younger I used to save until I got the music I want. Still i'd hate to see the physical format die out!
  11. Hiroki

    What was your first album?

    Of course it is, it's just another list topic to up your post count. There is no thought put into the topic and it's just mindless like most of the topics in the off topic section. Most of the topics in this section could be in the games section.......honestly I can't be the only person that's notice this?
  12. Hiroki

    What was your first album?

    It's another needless thread though, when do we actually get some off topic chat in this forum section? All we have is endless threads made of lists
  13. Hiroki

    General Music Thread

    You do loose quality though burning mp3's and what not to an audio cd format. Is there no other places online you can buy albums cheaper? btw £7.99 = $12.83 so almost the same price really. Thought you liked shite like ATL too?
  14. Hiroki

    General Music Thread

    Wow what an awful lineup for the Kerrap! tour