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  1. The most awaited moment of the last months is ongoing. Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York are day after day premiering the new songs off the self-titeld album “Paramore†during “4 Sides/4 Nights†events on Paramore.net. We waited a long time for these days and it’s time to capture them forever. Starting from today (4th April) and continuing on 7th April & 10h April we invite you to participate in the contest-project named “Paramore – Sides Experience.†What is it? The aim of the project is to gather your opinions and thoughts about Side A, Side B, Side C and Side D of the new album as well as gathering up your photos with the album in hands! Easy?! Nice?! We hope so! From all submitted materials we will choose three lucky fans who will receive sets of Paramore photos or Paramore – Future is Now wristbands. Also, we will choose up to 20 fans whose opinions, thoughts, photos will appear in a special video “Paramore – Sides Experience†premiering on our YouTube Channel this month! RULES & DETAILS April 4th: Listen to “Paramore†Side A & Side B on Paramore.net and share your opinion on Twitter using #ParamoreSideAB @paramoremusicom Submit your Tweet before April 6th (10PM GMT+1) April 7th: Listen to “Paramore†Side C & Side D on Paramore.net and share your opinion on Twitter using #ParamoreSideCD @paramoremusicom Submit your Tweet before April 9th (10PM GMT+1) April 10th: Show off your “Paramore†physical copy and submit your photo on Twitter using #ParamoreAlbum @paramoremusicom Submit your photo before April 12th (10PM GMT+1) Let your “Paramore†experience last forever!
  2. Anja

    2013 Spring Tour

    New date! 13th of March, Austin, TX @ SXSW!
  3. The 2011 Paramore Tour Fan Diary The time has come to recapitulate the Paramore’s touring season of 2011! The band has performed 30 times, in South America to begin with, through plenty of European festivals, Warped Tour in US, to go on with Asia and finish this challenging year with a gig for anniversary of their recording label, Fueled by Ramen. Every single performance was incredible, recalls countless recollections and is going to remain in the memory of any person who managed to participate in at least one of those. Now is the time to immortalize those good memories for our trio – Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy. In collaboration with you guys we desire to create something special – photo album for the band members! Our aim is to mold the book called „The 2011 Paramore Tour Fan Diaryâ€. It’s supposed to include the info on every single 2011 performance – set lists, photos, fun facts, curiosities – as well as the memory of yours along with photos taken with band members – before, during, after the gig – doesn’t matter! When it’s done we will hand it over to the band members. If you were lucky enough to participate in at least one of 2011 Paramore’s gig then feel obliged to collaborate! You’re kindly requested to send to us your “memory†(specific mailbox is diary@paramore-music.com) which shall include some notes (12 sentences is an upper limit written in Englisg), curiosities and photos with band members (obviously granted you’ve got some). Bear in mind that you need to include your name and info about gig which you participated in. It’s gonna be indispensable to sign your “memory†in our book! Deadline is 22 January! If you would like to join the project please click here to find out more!
  4. Anja

    The Pacific Rim Tour: Bali

  5. Special contest: Record a cover and win a guitar pick! Record the cover of 90 seconds duration of Paramore’s randomly chosen song. Shoot yourself covering and send the video here: contact@paramore-music.com (we recommend to upload it on sites like sendspace or mediafire etc. and simply send us a link). We are waiting till 7th August 2011, to midnight (GMT+1). more info: here
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    Live in Spain

    56 photos you can find here.
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    Putte I Parken

    we added more photo!!
  8. Paramore-Music.com
  9. To find out what, go here!
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    SELF Magazine Shoot

    untagged HQ added!