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  1. 777

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 13

    Greta van mutha fuggin fleet!!
  2. 777

    Well isn't this sad...

    Haha has everything one forgotten about this place?
  3. 777

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 17

    the fucking foul! where are all the former parafans.
  4. 777

    Lana Del Rey

    I love her album. Born to Die and Blue Jeans are my favorite because of the deep voices. Contralto? or some shiz. Anyway, there are some other good songs on the album. Off To The Races, Radio and Million Dollar Man are highlights for me. Check her out on Youtube. Anyone else fans?
  5. 777

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess Lana Del Rey is good. Think I'll make a thread now.
  6. 777

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I cant believe i logged in just to post this. I tried my password 5 times.
  7. 777

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I just got out of jail. 5 months. Soooft.
  8. 777

    The Covers Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=molxd9HQor0 last one kidna fucked it. only noticed it after a while. and xsantcuary that was beautiful. nice job. definitely skilled.
  9. 777

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    I can't believe I'm still posting on this forum. I mean it's cool, but it's mostly chicks :/ and as much as I like chicks it's like...i don't know weird? I'm a 20 year old male for fuck sake. Paramore does have good music, Been listening to Brand New Eyes a lot recently. I guess it's just to kill some time or else juss chill. That's what forums are for anyways.
  10. 777

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I forgot how to live life. How to be happy and to live inept to the horrors that have little chance of meeting my being. I confess that time is over, I see the truth now. what a idiot i've been for so long. I confess I'll be going to jail for six months. And do not worry, or else see it as something unfortunate, yeah I did something bad however...I embrace jail. I can become a man, or become dead there...and rolling the dice? hasn't felt better. I'm alive and I'm unstoppable.
  11. 777

    requesting pfans (and it's members) help!

    my only advice would be to get 100 percent serious about music, maybe make your own songs and arranagements, add on to existing paramore songs perhaps like more piano riffs and such. im totally shooting the dark here for your benefit hoping i'll hit something solid, forgive me for guessing. just listened to the only exception clip there and it was absolutely beautiful but you've heard that many times before im sure, i dont mean to take your skill for granted in anyway if it comes across as that, but i'd like to see some original material. perhaps start a band, im sure you could do it. get your own band going on, seriously take it serious, try to gain relative fame or else meet and greets. not sure anybody here is hayleys best friend or anything. but your skill is impressive and im sure you can use that as an exclamation mark.
  12. 777

    Rant Thread - Part 5

    looks like your band now mate. fuck him, you know exactly that he'll be back if not broken up with tha chick. i mean god bless, i'd like nothing for those two to happen but younglings man. you know it, i know it, everyone knows it. this is your chance to take the band your direction, ion your vision, i'd jump at the chance. oh yeah, check your messages Ernie Ball. As for me however, I've been finding myself in a strange place. Theres this chick that i was heart broken over(check out the song ernie ball) and everything and isaw her tonight, she'll be elaving soon to out fo town, but i kissed her tonight. held her hand and walked her home, hehehe i dont feel anything now. i feel like i just cleaned something up, im just wondering if i''ll feel heart broken afterswards when shes gone for fuckign years to come. this is my rocky moment, eye of the tiger, she broke my heart and im gonna train the fuck outta myself. postive changes, reclaim my faith that i lsot in god, education will be done, songs are being written, im getting fitter and fitter, im lookign for a job. she's totally missing out but im goign to stay away from love. took me a few days of fucking hell to get over this chick lmao, i'll admit i was very scared for a moment that i woudl do somethng stupid like show her my song i made her, or tell her how i feel. we connected tonight and she knows and i know that we're done, or at least thats what i know. she cant think otherwise because shes leaving town to go home to her son, she goes back to him and i go back to me. right now i dont know if im really heart broken, actualyl i feel like i acheived something, like i confirmed that she didnt care and now i can move on. but the pain she caused, i wont forget it. ever. eye of the mutha fugging tiger pf/boards. time to shine, know what i mean? fuck love, lvoe gets you killed. however best of luck to you fellows, cause its tha eye of the tiger, the cream of da fight, rising up TO CHALLENGE OF OUR RIVAL!!! told heri loved her, didnt mean it, she told me she lvoed me, she didnt mean it, i kissed her like i meant it however you cant cement it, its all lies, say its love? dont defend it. i'm a real man. with a real message, herei n this post that just sent it.
  13. 777

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    i confess im surprised i still remember this place.
  14. 777

    The Song/Poem/Writing Thread - Part 2

    im scared now that they know me i showed them my home and it's too late they know where to go to get me i know that they dont want me and i know that im powerless in front of them they say the worst of me and i know they ignore my best i can't sleep or keep going i cant do anything at all but suffer but i will try to finish the rest i cant die before then i cant go yet because im still bad what if its too late and hell is my fate? im sorry my father but my fear is too strong i only hope you planned it so that i may get along with my body and my mind please dont leave me behind good one ernie ball, i love the variety of your words and they are strong. it fits a strong one stripped of strength theme, the words not the overall order of phrases. to each their own, everyone has their own view, what you may see as strong i may see as weak, that type of deal. which should excuse my potentially incorrect view of your work. but even then, its good.