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  1. Brooks

    The Infamous Spam Thread - Part 15

    What has become of my favorite thread! D=
  2. Brooks

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 10

    Listening to Maddie talk.
  3. Brooks

    The Infamous Spam Thread - Part 14

    It just sucks being broke these days. =/
  4. Brooks

    The Infamous Spam Thread - Part 14

    Aw, that sucks James. =[
  5. Brooks

    What Are You Listening To? Part 8

    Dig - Incubus
  6. Brooks

    how's the weather where you live, part 2

    Probably cold and wet. =/
  7. Brooks

    HAPPY Thread!!

    I'm out for winter break. For about a month and a half. =]
  8. Brooks

    Last movie or DVD you watched

    I just got done watching The Final Riot!
  9. Brooks

    O hai there(:

    Nice to meet you Courtney and welcome to the boards! I'm Justin.
  10. Brooks

    Your Current Obsession

    These Japanese pop songs. D; I can hear the bass line repeating in my head....and I like it!
  11. Brooks

    Post *your* pictures part 5

    You are so manly Maddie.
  12. Brooks

    PF Awards *Voting Thread*

    Picplzkthx. and Sam, of course. ;] Just what to put you under...
  13. Brooks

    PF Awards *Voting Thread*

    Lawl, I don't know who to vote for. D;
  14. Brooks

    PF Awards *Voting Thread*

    It's time for this already?