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    California girls, we're unforgettable.

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    i really, really like cupcakes!
  1. California girls eh.

  2. crushcrush<3

    I wonder....

    I wonder if that person really considers my feelings.
  3. crushcrush<3

    I Hope

    ^ Same here.
  4. crushcrush<3

    Post *your* pictures - Part 7

    Thanks guys! :]
  5. crushcrush<3

    Post *your* pictures - Part 7

    I was determined to cartoonify myself haha. The results looked kinda cool; Annnnd here's the original;
  6. crushcrush<3

    What is your current mood? Part 2

    ^ Agreed.
  7. crushcrush<3

    What is your current mood? Part 2

    Seriously irritated.
  8. crushcrush<3

    Happy Birthday Lara & Christa

    Happy birthday to the both of you. :]
  9. crushcrush<3

    The Highlight of Your Day Thread!

    A hilarious incident involving Tyler, and his quest to help me win a game of tug-a-war.
  10. crushcrush<3

    The Wish Thread - Part 2

    I wish he'd change his attitude.
  11. crushcrush<3


    Well at least I'm not alone on this haha. :] Yes, my sister is adorable, and yes, she is young-but she is capable of picking up a Barbie and putting it in a bin!
  12. crushcrush<3


    I think my sister is already a pretty huge slob haha. She's already pretty spoiled too, I have unofficially been given the job of being her personal maid. :/
  13. crushcrush<3


    That's what I always say too! I'm like...it's really not that hard. It'll be good for her lol.
  14. crushcrush<3


    I know what you mean! She'll leave like a huge mess in the family room from her toys, and my step mom will be like, "Alyssa can you clean this up?" And it sucks haha. That's one of the good parts of being an older sibling, it feels good to know they look up to you haha.
  15. crushcrush<3


    And she gets upset over the tiniest things lol. Like if I don't share my ice cream with her, she looks like she's gonna explode. xD Haha, cool. I bet she looks up to you. :]