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  1. emergency-lover

    Confession Thread

    I confess to cheating on a coursework.
  2. emergency-lover

    A Question

    yey ^ x
  3. emergency-lover


    Hey Lara ya alreet girl? x
  4. emergency-lover

    The Person Above You Game - part 4

    Cool sig and cool person. x
  5. emergency-lover

    What Are You Listening To? part 5

  6. emergency-lover


    Hey Marli you ok?x
  7. emergency-lover

    A Question

    Yeah I usally put g before the last letter in words it's really annoying lol.
  8. emergency-lover

    A Question

    It's ok I have it too lol x
  9. emergency-lover

    A Question

    I didn't say they were I am askign does anyone know their opinion on their fans.
  10. emergency-lover

    A Question

  11. emergency-lover

    Post *your* pictures part 4

    Thank you peeps. x
  12. emergency-lover

    A Question

    I have 2 diff ideas on the matter..... Alternative peopel are more open to gay/bi experiences but then you get people who take the piss and show of and be homophobic etc..
  13. emergency-lover

    Post *your* pictures part 4

  14. emergency-lover

    A Question

    Just wondering because I googled somethign and it came up with a paramore bebo and was full of homophobia, so all I am askign is how do they feel and are most fans homphobic or they dont care? x
  15. emergency-lover

    A Question

    What's Paramores' opinion on their gay fans?