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    Cool, Laid-Back, Sweet & Fun =D
  1. Sk8ierBoi

    Riot! Turns Three!

    Aw, I loved this album. I knew about about Paramore before Riot! I did discovered them on Fuse back in '06 when I think either Pressure or Emergency was playing. I loved it but have yet brought AWKIF. A year later I heard Misery Business it really what got me into Paramore. Then in late December I brought both albums. So, that album really did get me into Paramore. Still a fan since '06 and will always be. Happy Belated Birthday Riot! <3
  2. Sk8ierBoi

    I Support Hayley Campaign

    First off I want to say that she has nice melons. I'm gay btw lol Ok, they leaked but this doesn't change my opinion about her or see her any different. She's a very sweet and nice girl and this is sad what happened to her but I'll always love her and Paramore, will always support them whatever hardships they face. Just wait until this all die out and soon it'll be forgotten. I love you Hayley. Remember, I'll always support you <3 *not like she's gonna read this*
  3. Sk8ierBoi

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 12

    Dierks Bentley - Sideways
  4. Sk8ierBoi

    Hey Monday

    I'm still confused why 8 tracks lmao. I'm sure the album will be fantastic haha. Gorgeous photo, she looks so glammed up xD
  5. Sk8ierBoi

    Favorite Taylor Pictures

    My future husband xD I have so many but he's in the top =) I love this one haha
  6. Sk8ierBoi

    Die Mannequin

    I used the search engine but found no results on this band. Alright, I discovered them this year and they are pretty sick. They recently came out with a new album called "Fino + Bleed" Their new single "Bad Machine" came out last month Check the video out: Some others: Saved By Strangers: Do It Or Die: Care Failure is so freckin' epic <333 Not to mention the new album is amazzzzzing!! Official Myspace: http://myspace.com/diemannequin
  7. Sk8ierBoi


    I have to agree the new album blows their self-titled. Chroma is the best <333. I'm seriously addicted to Cycles. It's been on repeat!!
  8. Sk8ierBoi

    Favorite Taylor Pictures

    Loving all the Taylor photos. and WHAT?? Taylor was here two days ago!! =O I wanna give a shout-out to YOU, Taylor. YOU THE MAN AND I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU LOOL!! (I hope I didn't creep him out lmao. ) It's cool to see band members on their own fansite.
  9. Sk8ierBoi

    Hey Monday

    omgomgomg I can't beleive Elliot left. He was my second husband Alex is my first lool but aww, I hope everything goes well for him!! Right now, I want a new Hey Monday album or at least a Candles video.
  10. Sk8ierBoi


    I just heard the new single and love it. <3 Can't wait for the album!!
  11. Sk8ierBoi

    Hey Monday

    I'm so JEALOUS of you Catieo4o5 >.< and omg I LOVE LOVE YOUR SHIT!! I SOO WANT TO GET THAT!! GRR *steals it* xD and I'm mad at you for taking a photo with my hubby Alex lool. Lukkkyyyyy. Sweet photos Jedd. They all so rad <333
  12. Sk8ierBoi

    Fefe Dobson

    She said in an interview about Sunday Love recently here: Read more of her August 2009 interview here: http://www.honeymag.com/message/story/view.castle?g=679901&m=7116431 Personally, I think it was a great album. I can relate to a lot of songs. You notice her voice is VERRRY raspy sounding lool. Which I loved. I heard she is also performing at the VMA's so I'm pumped to see that. haha, sorry. I used the search engine but the thread was old. I didn't want to bump it because I might get in trouble lool. Sorry about that.
  13. Sk8ierBoi

    Fefe Dobson

    Shame on you guys not having a thread on Miss. Dobson LOOL!! For those of you who do not know who she is. She started out in 2003 with hit songs Take Me Away, Bye Bye Boyfriend, Everything, Don't Go (Boys & Girls) Then in 2005. She recorded "Sunday Love" (GREAT ALBUM) Unfortunately, she was dropped =( The only song that had a music video was Don't Let It Go To Your Head Anyway, she's coming out with a new album, titled "Joy" THIS FALL!! Be on the lookout. It's gonna rock. Listen to her new singles. Has an 80's feel to it. <3 I Want You (Locker Version) I like this version better xD I Want You Watch Me Move She's amazing. True to herself but I'm still pissed about Sunday Love. If y'all want the album I can give you it and some unreleased stuff.
  14. Sk8ierBoi

    Will You Download The Leak?

    Honestly, I haven't brought an album since '07. Don't think I will for a long time. I just don't have the time and money to buy CD's. I already own a physical copy of "All We Know Is Fall" & "Riot" I will most definitely download the album obviously. I have so many albums on my list to buy haha. I love Paramore and will still continue to support and buy their music. I so want this album to leak badly.
  15. Sk8ierBoi

    Away We Go!

    lmao yeah I have to agree xD I guess everyone is unoriginal these days. I can't wait for the EP to be released and a music video WHOOT!!