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  1. Allie<3

    Hayley in Self Magazine

    Awww. Too bad this isn't on stands anymore.
  2. Haha aawww yassssssssssssssss 8-)

    She's so much prettier than me it's unreal haha. I also can't believe I'm like four years older than her :neutral:

  3. Allie<3

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    Thanks guys!
  4. Allie<3

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    So, basically Jersey and i are in love, haha. http://i25.tinypic.com/2ec0tbq.jpg
  5. Allie<3

    Warped Tour 2010

    5 days<33333333
  6. it takes time to get use to!!

  7. Allie<3

    Hey Monday

    I like Wish You Were Here.. but i think they could have done better.
  8. Allie<3

    Happy Birthday Allie and Jedd!

    Whoa, i just saw this haha Thanks everyone<3
  9. Yeah i dont get this.

  10. happy birthday ily xoxoxo :hug:

  11. Allie<3

    Hey Monday

    I read somewhere that they're releasing in in August.
  12. Allie<3

    Is it on your ipod/mp3?

    Nope. Jasey Rae - All Time Low?
  13. Allie<3

    Samantha's Graphics

    Hey, i saved one (: I love them!
  14. Allie<3

    Spin Magazine Pics

    That is literally the first thing i noticed.
  15. Allie<3

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    I like Faith.