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  1. http://www.myspace.com/tonightalive Tonight Alive is a band from Sydney, Australia. Wasting Away
  2. Knuuudi


    I'm not irish, but I'll be there! =D
  3. damn! I just heard that a girl died who lived about 15 min by car away from me... I didn't know her, but some of my friends did...it's...OMFG!!! oO
  4. They HAD to go on! That maybe was the best decision the organizer made! If they abort the show, there would be many more victims!
  5. They told it's 18 now... It's scary...I wanted to go there today, but a member of our group got exams on monday and so we all didn't go there... I could be one of those dead guys! oO
  6. hahah you will!

    good! i wanna see ADTR again! lol

    okay cool!

  7. haha yeah it's weird you have to get used to it

    and how awesome was the show?!

  8. Knuuudi

    Southside Festival

    I made some picts, too!
  9. Knuuudi

    Paramore at Reading and Leeds Festival

    Man, higher slot than Limp Bizkit or Weezer! Now they're officially legendary!^^
  11. Knuuudi

    Paramore @ Hurricane/Southside

    Gonna be @ Southside... (I heard) they're going to play friday as late-night-special from 00:30-02:00am on the small stage. Gonna be awesome! :hyper:
  12. Knuuudi


    Hey guys! I'm back in Germany after my 29 hours trip and some hours of sleep! I still feel pretty tired, but it was so freakin amazing! Congrats Ireland for such a great venue! We stood near the hotdogstand, too, but the sound and view still was pretty amazing! :hyper: And after the show I got my NNEC CD signed!
  13. Knuuudi

    Brand New Eyes tour

    I'm so stoked! Just saw a video when they got my chocolate santa! It's so amazing! I can't find any words! :hyper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNvYPaIKhW0
  14. Knuuudi

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 12

    Three Days Grace . Last To Know
  15. Knuuudi


    My flight from Frankfurt will arrive @11:50AM... Gonna meet 2 friends (from Hamburg and Dresden/Leipzig) there and...I don't know when we'll really arrive at the O2! xD btw I told my englishteacher of beeing in Dublin just for a concert! he was like "WTF???...OKAY?!?!?!" xD
  16. Knuuudi

    Brand New Eyes tour

    I want the setlist...NOW!!! xD
  17. Knuuudi

    new tour setlist speculation? :D

    Hayley just twittered:
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    SOLD OUT!!! oO
  19. Knuuudi


    I will buy mine tomorrow...ticketmaster just accepts Creditcards for international sales... Now i need to buy 'em over my normal ticketshop!...
  20. Knuuudi


    Gonna be there (and Cologne^^) I will fly on saturday morning from Frankfurt (ffm) to Dublin! You'll notice me as a german! xD
  21. Knuuudi

    Germany Myspace Secret Show!

    Just came home from munich! IT WAS SO F*CKING AWESOME!!! BBBB FTW!!! Although I queued about 9 hours (the rest of my group about 13 1/2 hours oO)... btw: I was the guy in the first row of the waiting line who sang Britney Spears an Backstreet Boys songs! xD
  22. Knuuudi

    Germany Myspace Secret Show!

    ok...I'm going by train! gonna meet some guys of the german board, so I'm sure, I'll get in! (maybe first row or so xD)