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  1. Oh wow, I really thought it was a pic from a photoshoot! Generally it's obvious when it's edited and cut from the original pic but this one is really well done! Thank you Caitlyn
  2. Hey guys! it's been a while! I'm desperately looking for the original of this pic, does anyone have it ? Thanks !
  3. Awesome i'm glad i could be a bit helpful with your project
  4. There are no HQ pics, but they're from Billboard magazine, 2009: http://paramoregallery.com./thumbnails.php?album=498
  5. That's nice, good job
  6. This... I was not expecting this song to be that poppy, especially since we read a few lyrics. I thought it would be darker and slower. This poppy vibe makes me think about the RIOT era. I'm waiting for the entire song to make any further comments .
  7. March 2009 *
  8. I must admit the quality of the downloaded track on the webstore is 3456789x better than the temporary mp3 I got. Bought the package with the songs+tshirt can't wait to receive it, it's going to be long before December! hopefully i'll have it by Christmas
  9. Are you insinuating I'm giving you shitty quality? That's a good idea to make all these packages. I think I'm going to take the one with the songs and the tshirt. Can't wait to see the artworks for the vynils.
  10. Yes, her right arm was missing on the first pic ahah
  11. Ellen's Stardust Diner sounds awesome!! We can definitely meet up there
  12. Ok fine I don't know yet when my friend is planning on going to the venue, but it should be fine to meet up before. As for food, I'm currently experiencing every aspect of the American way of life ahah, so I don't have something specific in mind at the moment. Whatever ! I didn't even know Justin Timberlake had a restaurant!
  13. Can't believe it's in 3 days!! So excited to meet American fans Chriss, do you know already where/at what time you wanna grab lunch?
  14. Pics or it didn't happen!