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  1. jadeAMORE


    taylor is the best hands down.
  2. jadeAMORE

    Hayley doing Hallelujah cover !

    don't you mean the whole band, and not just hayley? js. but i'm not disagreeing with you. her vocals are powerful, and believable. i love josh's guitar playing for it aswell.
  3. jadeAMORE

    Unseen Pictures Thread

    MAybe someone already replied since it's so far back - but it's at the Orlando hard Rock live when they won artist of the year. The guitar and mic is being placed inside the hall of fame at the venue !
  4. jadeAMORE

    Behind the Scenes VMA vids

    I cant see them either - says I have to be in the USA. :/
  5. Awww that's sweet! I could ask on TOPFC (official paramore fan club) for you?
  6. jadeAMORE

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - part 3

    Neat It reall like it.
  7. jadeAMORE

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - part 3

    Thanks Say, who made your sig? I've been thinking long time on how you do those animated stuff?
  8. jadeAMORE

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - part 3

    Got bored, made this anyone can use it ;D
  9. So beautiful... Made me sobb ;D <3 Gosh, I so hope they come to the UK before they start writing again >.< Which I'm doubting
  10. jadeAMORE

    I can't hear Hayley.

    Yeahhh, I know exactly what you mean! When I saw them in Orlando, people were cheering and screaming through when it rains and it's like nooooo... that song on their live performances always makes me cry. haha.
  11. jadeAMORE

    miley cyrus = third-rate paramore

    Haha. Lame much. I do like Miley; she's the only disney 'pop star' I do like... Since she'd stil lbe sorta famous because of her dad. + Lyn-z from MSI said she can't tell the difference between Paramore and Miley Cyrus once... O.o
  12. jadeAMORE

    Last Thing You Drank - Part 2

    vodka + cola *innocenttt* D: I didn't know it was that...
  13. jadeAMORE

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - part 3

    New ava + Feli ace ava's ! oh and you should so mail the band with those t-shirt designs
  14. jadeAMORE

    What Are You Listening To? part 6

    Snore - Father. Hehe
  15. jadeAMORE

    Your Current Obsession

    electric blue eyeliner.