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  1. Now,in Japan, there are more than 1000 people who the dead and missing person. It is very scary. From:ã‚Šã•ã“(Japan) http://bit.ly/f59sOc

    is your country ok?


    In Japan


  3. Not that you're ever on here.. but byebyee, talk to you next week hopefully.

  4. my_sundown

    The World Cup Thread!

    Pretty bummed about that Germany vs. Serbia game. Red card for Klose, loaads of yellow cards, goal for Serbia, missed penalty ... But I still have hope for the next game! though I haven't got that much conception of football, i think we better win.
  5. my_sundown

    Happy Birthday Zac!

  6. my_sundown


    Wooo, we won! It was crazy, since it's kind of a tradition to watch the eurovision with my family, yesterday was definitely (surprise!) the best one. Usually we don't even watch it until the end, haha. The Eurovision was mostly a big embarrassment for us and I never really cared about who won. But I think it's cool that we won, I'm especially happy for Stefan Raab (he discovered Lena and he was her mentor), because I honestly think he deserved it the most(+we love him, haha.) It's nice, but I really don't want to hear that song anymore. Prepare for hearing that song non-stop, Germany! EDIT: Norway also did a good job with the show!
  7. my_sundown

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    I'm too lazy to quote everyone, but I have to say we only have gorgeous people on here.
  8. my_sundown

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    this is so goregous! love Zac on the side, haha.
  9. my_sundown

    Just found out my grandmother died

    I'm so sorry to hear this, Harry. I hope you and your family feel better soon!
  10. my_sundown


    HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY! Have a brilliant day and I'm so glad my present arrived in time. Love you lottss sixteen year old missus! :hug:
  11. my_sundown

    Happy birthday Betty!

    Happy Birthday Betty! Hope you have a great day (: