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  1. Mrs.Halloween

    Paramore Wall Calendar 2011

    I was very surprised to see they're even selling it in Germany! So any German fans looking for it: check Saturn.
  2. Mrs.Halloween

    Jimmy Eat World

    I really like Invented! It's impossible to pick just one favourite, I like a lot of the songs on the record A LOT. And I love Action Needs An Audience for Tom doing the lead vocals More importantly: HOLY COW, I SAW THEM THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY! The concert was just incredible, my sister and me had the best time of our lives. We got there rather late and still managed to get to the front row - like it was meant to be, haha. The setlist was amazing and I was definitely singing my heart out & dancing along like hell which (not sure if I might find this embarassing later ) the band seemed to notice. Got a smile from Jim a couple of times but the highlight was definitely Zach giving us his drumsticks <3 He threw them into the crowd but loser that I am I didn't catch them so he made sure the security guy gave them to my sis & me. I was like "Thank you so much!" x100 and he gave us the thumbs up lol
  3. Mrs.Halloween

    Brand New Eyes tour

    Thanks guys! And to everyone who's going to see them soon: Have so much fun <3 Franzi - yes, he did! If I remember correctly, Ida filmed it
  4. Mrs.Halloween


    I agree, their Pokerface cover is pretty awesome! [:
  5. Mrs.Halloween

    Brand New Eyes tour

    Last night was PERFECT <3 We had such an amazing time & I think I can safely say so did Paramore. The queueing wasn't too much fun as it was rather cold and of course it had to start raining aswell. But we started noticing the tour posters all over the streets and the fact that they all had another note stuck to them that said "Thanks for the sold out show" We got in at about 6.30pm and there already was a fair amount of people in so me and Ida decided to go to the balcony/gallery thing. We had considered this before cause I'm a bit sick and wasn't too sure I could handle a mosh pit Besides, the view from up there was aaaamazing. Erm yeah, random fact, they played "Here It Goes" by Jimmy Eat World on the stereo before the gig which was awesome (FATE! haha) because it's kinda Ida's and my song and we always sing along to it in the car. Opposite to us was another part of the balcony and a part of it was isolated because that's where the bands usually sit to watch the support acts. Suddenly that guy with a read beanie appeared and of course Ida didn't hesitate to point out it was in fact Taylor [x When the crowd noticed him they started screaming so poor him had to hide. He crouched down and continued eating. During the performance of the support acts (who I all enjoyed very much, btw, and thought did a pretty good job!) Hayley and Zac joined him. Now the important part: PA-RA-MORE! I actually don't know what to say: it was just incredible. I love to see them play live, I love watching this tiny little woman rock her ass off. And I get goosebumps when the crowd sings along. It was great to her the songs from BNE live, especially Turn It Off (got a little teary-eyed when they played that because the song means a lot to me). It's honestly impossible to pick a favourite because the whole set was just perfect all in all. After Decode they played the Miracle Outra and Ida was just stunned as she had really wished for them to play that (am I allowed to say you cried, sister?). During the last song, Brick By Boring Brick, the three support acts joined them on stage and they started dancing and going wild. Seemed like they had a hell lot of fun! Oh, and Hayley took a photo of the crowd and uploaded it to her twitter - you might aswell have seen that already. Ida's at school right now but as far as I could tell last night she took some beautiful videos & I'm sure she'll be back with her report soon^^
  6. Mrs.Halloween

    Brand New Eyes tour

    Thanks everyone I'm sure we'll have an amamamamaaazing time. Please don't collapse or hyperventilate, sis :cool:
  7. Mrs.Halloween

    Brand New Eyes tour

    .. or I will while you're at school [x Franny, glad you had such an awesome time I really enjoyed reading your review & tbh I even got a little teary-eyed () because I could completely tell how much it meant to you!
  8. Mrs.Halloween


    Ahh, that's you! And cool lj username, btw ^^
  9. Mrs.Halloween

    Unseen Pictures Thread - Part 2

    That looks really, really hideous
  10. Mrs.Halloween


    Missing the show already |: Woah, that LJ community is le shex <3 Gonna join it right now. Hahah, classic!
  11. Mrs.Halloween

    Brand New Eyes tour

    Can't wait to hear the full story, Guro [: Hope you've had a safe trip home. Sunday <3333 Can't wait!
  12. Mrs.Halloween


    This topic is full of LOOOOVE [:
  13. Mrs.Halloween

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    Here you go, I hope you like it
  14. Not sure if this is the right place, but there is something wrong with my entries I think |: They're number 12 and number 13. #12 is blurry all of a sudden which makes the wallpaper look kinda crappy and #13 says "made by Guro" but it's actually mine
  15. I'm about to send mine to you now