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  1. Ashhh

    Paramore: The Last Word

    So I just did my skype interview with mtv news - the guy that did the basement interview they're airing today. I'm not sure how they're going to edit it together so hopefully it's not out of context too badly. It could come off pretty harsh to Josh if they edit it a certain way. Anyway I was just honest about the situation because I think if everyone airs it out now and knows both sides it will be better in the long term. Paramore couldn't have kept being a band how they currently were, so I'm personally glad - although it didn't go down so nicely - that Josh decided to leave the band. There won't be any negativity in Paramore in the future and I don't think the fans want to hear another brand new eyes type album - the same themes, etc. Im in Canada so I can't watch it live online. Hope they don't butcher me ha.
  2. Hayley needs to be in the Top 5 to be a finalist and she's #6 right now. http://shortyawards.com/category/music
  3. Ashhh

    Sig Sizes: Please Read!

    oh jeez
  4. I know some people don't follow us on Twitter or check the homepage regularly... so go check the homepage for details on our new contest. Ends Saturday Jan 23. http://paramorefans.com/ Feel free to ask any questions in this thread
  5. Ashhh

    Paramore: Grace

    We'll be getting a bunch of copies as well to give out. Not sure how many or what kind of contest yet but I think we'll get about 10.
  6. Hopefully going to get these signed personally To Steph and To Betty tonight or tomorrow when I see them.
  7. It's blurry because the size you sent was smaller and they all had to be the same size so the image is stretched a bit. If you'd like to resend the same design in the correct size as in the rules I'll replace it for you though. Also sorry about the caption mistake on #13, I fixed it now.
  8. submissions deadline. voting now http://paramorefans.com/boards/showthread.php?t=13198 closing this thread.
  9. hey yes, i sent you an email, i think you forgot to attach your last two. if you wanna send them now i'll still add them to the voting.
  10. Check out the submissions and vote for your favorite http://paramorefans.com/contest1.shtml Thanks to everyone who sent in their stuff. The winners will be posted here on November 4, 2009 at midnight. EDIT The winners are #2 made by Stephbob and #17 made by UrLittleDecoy! Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry and to everyone who voted.
  11. no restrictions on what the wallpaper is made of. just anything paramore related is cool.
  12. yep just in the email not on the wallpaper
  13. Nope, can be any wallpaper... doesn't matter when it was made.
  14. Catie's been helping out with the boards for a long time now and it's silly we didn't make her a mod sooner. Welcome, Catie, as our newest mod! Officially.