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  1. Decoy!

    Careful - Video

    yeah, i don't think the video fits the song very well...not their best video, but thats only my opinion
  2. Decoy!

    Paramore - BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend 2010

    does she have a sore throat?
  3. Decoy!

    BBC Radio1 Big Weekend 2010

    hoopefully someone will find a better version than this but i think the dude just recorded it from tv. for a pessimist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf8h3SD2G64
  4. Decoy!

    Catie's Graphics

    thank you
  5. Decoy!

    Catie's Graphics

    i love your Cassadee one! could I use it please?
  6. Decoy!

    UK Election

    omg, thats terrible!! ^
  7. its actually not that bad. http://www.buzznet.com/tags/hayleywilliams/video/4486791/lady-gaga-vs-paramore-bad/?p=7
  8. Decoy!

    Favorite Hayley Picture Part 3

    i dono if this is a personal pic, sorry if it is! but i really like it, shes sooo young and she still looks awesome. EDIT: Personal pic.
  9. Decoy!

    The Ladies' Thread

    whoa that is confusing lol!
  10. Decoy!

    The Confession Thread - Part 10

    i confess i wish i was at the football 6-6!!!
  11. Decoy!


    apparently the guy who plays finn is dating taylor swift in real life? was in my magazine
  12. Decoy!

    Shower vs Bath

    i tend to have a bath and then wash my hair in the shower..so both for me haha
  13. Decoy!

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    the second picture is amazing!
  14. Decoy!

    Rant Thread - Part 5

    you're an absolute wanker. EDIT: not you ^ haha
  15. Decoy!

    Rant Thread - Part 5

    apparently this person is my friend? when all they do is bitch about me repeatedly, dont support anything i do and look for every excuse to put me down. well you're not perfect either, and as for me not doing my job right, youd want to take a look at yourself and notice you dont get paid for sitting on your big fat ass. i could do your job ten times better than you could. youre such a bitch.