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  1. ^lol, don't get me wrong i know she can sing.. but i just don't like her voice for the only exception... it's too musical theatre.. lol.
  2. Riot!Girlx

    I have no words...

    hahaha yeah. pretty much lol. Ohhh... i was gonna say.. otherwise that would have been proper creepy lol.. i had no idea nfg had a synth/keyboard player... i didn't even think they used synth in their music lol.
  3. i'm sorry to people who like glee. but that that cover is crap. i've heard better covers on youtube. i knew they'd butcher it.
  4. Riot!Girlx

    I have no words...

    okay i feel i've been a bit harsh.. haha. fair enough lol.. i'd be terrified up on that stage. let alone on that stage with paramore. lol. but i don't know that i would personally forget the words, i'd probably be too scared to open my mouth...and just stand there like an idiot. haha.
  5. Riot!Girlx

    I have no words...

    ahhhh that is guy is so fucking scary. hahahhaha hayley is so funny... she's so freaked out by him... "you are.. you are scary.." "take this one before i change my mind." and that girl is a bit of a dick for not knowing the words. not gonna lie.
  6. Riot!Girlx

    The Official "Hayley's Hair" Thread

    lol. good riddance seriously.. where did all that come from.. that person is so angry.. lol. someone wasn't loved enough as a child or doesn't get enough attention. probably both. haha.
  7. Riot!Girlx

    The Official "Hayley's Hair" Thread

    right so saying she's a ginger autotune joke and she gets gangraped by the other guys in the band.. isn't offensive? ... you know what, you need to fucking look up offensive in the dictionary if you really think that isn't offsenive.
  8. Riot!Girlx

    The Official "Hayley's Hair" Thread

    wow. aren't you clever. what so you think what you said about paramore wasn't offensive ? .
  9. Riot!Girlx

    The Official "Hayley's Hair" Thread

    no i just can't be fucked with cunts like you.
  10. Riot!Girlx

    The Official "Hayley's Hair" Thread

    ^if you say so.
  11. Riot!Girlx

    The Official "Hayley's Hair" Thread

    ^wow. that's a new one.
  12. hahaha i don't know about that.. i don't really wanna be responsible for butchering the vocals on the only exception.
  13. no, you should hear me sing it lol, or wait for the glee version. haha i'm sure you're not butchering it lol. at least you can actually play guitar, i've tried and failed many times lol.
  14. ohh fuck. no. ... they are gonna butcher it.