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  1. MSkeleton

    Hayley's Collab with Zedd

    ^ I came here to post the video haha! its awesomeeeee <3
  2. MSkeleton

    Hayley's Collab with Zedd

    Im very excited for this video It looks really beautiful so far! And hayley is stunning! <3
  3. MSkeleton

    The Song Alphabet part 2

    Ex's and Oh's - Atreyu
  4. MSkeleton

    Hayley's Collab with Zedd

    I like it I don't really like the music in the clubs. But when this comes on, people need to make room for my awesome dance moves! :')
  5. MSkeleton

    UK Tour - September 2013

    Because the UK tour is also the Europe tour I wanted to share my video I took on 5 september 2013 I stood front row! This was my first Paramore show and it was the most amazing day of my life <3
  6. MSkeleton

    'Paramore': April 9th

    I still haven't received a email that they have send it to me,
  7. MSkeleton

    "Still Into You" is the Next Single!

    The video looks really fun. But there are more hayley shots alone then the whole band together.. I wished we saw more of the boys with her.
  8. MSkeleton

    'Paramore': April 9th

    I can't listen to the B-sides through Rdio.. it's unavailable. But the whole album is unavailable.
  9. MSkeleton

    "Still Into You" is the Next Single!

    I love the jacket that hayley is wearing!
  10. MSkeleton

    'Paramore': April 9th

    I only have listend to the 'A side' of the record. I really liked fast in my car & grow up. Im excited for the other songs. I know I can listen to them now. But I want to wait. We (i) have waited so long for this album so a few more days without hearing them I will survive. Im gonna be so happy with my download from the store. And hopefully the deluxe set is gonna be send soon after aprik 9th.
  11. MSkeleton

    MTV's Musical March Madness 2013

    Paramore: 50.32% Linkin Park: 49.68%
  12. MSkeleton

    Paramore week on 3FM (Holland radio)

    ^ No because Paramore isn't that 'famous' in the netherlands. And the only show they are giving in Holland is with Pinkpop. There aren't other musicpodia's who have booked them.
  13. MSkeleton

    Paramore week on 3FM (Holland radio)

    I Didn't win. And the girl who won did not even gave one happy reaction :/ I would only yell on the telephone!
  14. MSkeleton

    'Paramore': April 9th

    ^ I had a mail a week ago that said: Hey! Thanks for purchasing the Deluxe Box Set / Vinyl for the new Paramore album. Unfortunately there has been a manufacturing delay with both of these so they will not be with you on release date. To make up for it we will send you a digital download of the new album as soon as it is released. We don’t have an exact date just yet, but we will get it out to you as fast as we can. Keep an eye on your mail box on the release date for instructions on how to download the album. Apologies again for the inconvenience. Thanks, Paramore Customer Service Team