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  1. brian KEEEEM

    The beginning of "We Are Broken"..

    damn you mixers!! why must you put eerie sound effects so people must come up with ideas that make us scared!!! I thought it was just sound effects, haha, and they still are! yay for me, i wanna throw a party for non-conspiracists and non-skeptical people haha seriously though, you guys are creeping me out with your ideas of what "she's saying"
  2. Haha, what can we expect from you... hehehehehehe.... YESH, LIVIN IN ARGENTINA FOR 6 YEARS FINALLY PAYS OFF!
  3. brian KEEEEM

    Hot People Thread

    HOW COME NO ONE'S POSTING PICS OF HOT GIRLS!!! All the guys abandoned this thread cuz it's filled with pictures of edward cullens, and no the guy who plays him, edward cullens from the movie. Anyways, Misa Campo, Joanna Quann, umm, Kristen Bell, haha, idk, just to name a few
  4. brian KEEEEM

    Riot! Limited Edition MVI cover scans

    sorry, cant help you, haha, dont have a scanning machine
  5. brian KEEEEM

    Photoshopped pikachu

    Haha, well, unfortunately, my lady friend has infected her massive amounts of knowledge to my other lady friends. Honestly, Im just pissed and frustrated at the fact that this is what most of today's girls amount to...(dont know if i phrased it right). I mean, there are like, 5 other girls at my school(theyre all very nice people), and they think its real, I TELL THEM THERES NO EVIDENCE, ITS PHOTOSHOPPED, ITS A HAMSTER, HAMSTERS CANT SHOOT ELECTRICITY. oh well, no point in fighting with retards, you can never win, theyre lack of knowledge and will power will overpower. haha, i would get one if it was real
  6. brian KEEEEM

    Lovesick Melody in Iowa - April 2008

    Haha, really? Do you know what the fight was about?
  7. brian KEEEEM

    Lovesick Melody in Iowa - April 2008

    Haha, i have a feeling this is gonna be one of those tracks that everyone good parawhore has on iTunes And thank you for ripping it, "Tessa". IF that IS, your REAL name o.O... haha jkjk
  8. brian KEEEEM

    Lovesick Melody in Iowa - April 2008

    Wow, they sound amazing there. Haha, you can kinda see that they're not as energetic from all the touring though so, that kinda ruins it. Yeah, I WANT MP3!!
  9. brian KEEEEM

    Photoshopped pikachu

    My friend believes that this picture of a photoshopped gerbil/hamster is indeed, a real pikachu http://image.blog.livedoor.jp/yafuoku_watch/pics/pikachu.jpg I say it isnt because first of all, what are the chances, now, IT COULD, be possible, BUT COME ON. Second, there is no hard proof of it. Pictures can be doctored. There are no articles done by any sort of professional to be found. Third, its good photoshopping, but not perfect, the right ear is out of focus, the ears are out of proportion, and the red dots are obviously fake. What are your opinions
  10. brian KEEEEM

    A bit random but....

  11. brian KEEEEM


    HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY JOSH!! Dont worry, touring will end in a couple weeks(actually, idk hhaa) Feels weird having young celebrities grow up. Cuz when your young, 3 years is a big difference. but when your 40, 43 isnt that much older haha.
  12. brian KEEEEM

    Don't go on that often

    Haha, well, it's not that bad, but I would still rather get some more sleep. Haha, isn't that a nice thought?
  13. brian KEEEEM

    Zacs got some skillz

    Haha, my personal favorite drum lines are Let The Flames Begin, Thats What You Get, and crushx3. haha, dont listen to Pessimist that much. Haha, playing paramore songs on drums is so fun! ITS THE BOMB. . haha