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  1. Anyone know how to download this or where to download it. It's a different version than what's on youtube & their myspace. http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2008/11/20/exclusive-first-look-paramores-live-dvd-the-final-riot/#
  2. MyHeartBeats4U

    Jimmy Kimmel Live Performance

    I found these if you're still looking for them. Teaser after Dancing with the Stars Teaser 2 Pessimist Performance Performance
  3. MyHeartBeats4U

    Lost show/jimy kimmel

    Awesome thanks for posting these but the second Livejournal link doesn't work.
  4. MyHeartBeats4U

    Paramore sounded great on jimmy kimmel

    I wish I could watch the full video of them performing Pessimist since it only lasted for a moment before the show ended.
  5. MyHeartBeats4U

    Paramore sounded great on jimmy kimmel

    I definitely agree. It was awesome & I noticed that about Zac too. He was going nuts on the drums at points during the song, which was awesome! :hyper:
  6. MyHeartBeats4U

    Decode Video

    Thanks That video is alot better quality than the youtube ones I have.
  7. MyHeartBeats4U

    Decode Video

    I definitely agree. MuchMusic rarely played any Paramore videos but Decode is always being shown.
  8. MyHeartBeats4U

    Decode Video

    Anyone have a high quality copy of the video or know where to get it. I have a youtube rip but I'm looking for a high quality copy that won't look crappy in fullscreen.
  9. MyHeartBeats4U


    AWESOME!!!! Finally a high quality version. I just wish I could download it off itunes or something. I guess I'll just have to wait for the soundtrack to be released. :hyper:
  10. MyHeartBeats4U

    Finnish girl here!

    Hi, Welcome! I'm Nick
  11. MyHeartBeats4U


    I really want a better quality version too :hyper: I can't wait for the soundtrack to be released!
  12. MyHeartBeats4U

    Oh dude

    Well I'm new here so I don't remember you but WELCOME BACK!
  13. MyHeartBeats4U

    The DVD?

    I agree, I hope they release 1 DVD with everything on it. I kind of hate having to buy more than 1 DVD for a few extras. It would also be awesome if they released it on blu-ray but I'm sure that won't happen.
  14. MyHeartBeats4U

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Welcome. I'm Nick