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    Username: lalaLaura First name: laura Age: 14, almost 15 8D Gender: female How did you come across this amazing fansite that is paramorefans.com? thanks to jord aka jordo, who just signed on as well XD How did you come across the amazing band that is Paramore/ how long have you been a fan? i knew a lot of people who listened to them, so i started to as well ^^ that all started...errmm...maybe a short year ago.. XD Favorite Paramore song? idk, it changes every once in a while. Favorite lyric? "my mouth is dry with words i cannot verbalize" Any live show experiences you'd like to share? nah, not really, cept that it was just AWESOME, in the middle of the mosh pit XD andddd. i lost my bf there. haha. XD Interests: swimming, shopping, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, things like that. Other Music: lostprophets, 30 seconds to mars, queens of the stone age, kill hannah, the blackout, superchick, the veronicas...and more. ^^ =]
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    30 Seconds To Mars

    30stm is heaven. ^^ *part of the dutch echelon*
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    alohaa ^^

    thanks everyonee ^^
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    alohaa ^^

    ello dudes, dudettes and everyone else here =] my name is laura, i'm from the netherlands, 14 years old, almost 15, yay! ^^ andddd erm. i swim. synchronized swimming. anddd most important thing in my life is my boyfriend. ^^ want to know anything else, feel free to ask =]
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    Band VS Band

    NFG - 30 seconds to mars
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    Hello :)

    ellooo jord 8D ghehehe XDD [jord and i know each other ;D and i'm new too ='] *makes own thread*]