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    be myself, becuase being someone else is a waste of who you are.
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    i always have a song in my head, i write poems to vent instead of blowing up.
  1. miranda:]

    Hannah Montana: The Movie

    ^ yeah! or like vanessa hudgens. i love their hair
  2. miranda:]

    17 Again

    ^ but i also don't think like those are his types of roles. like he is too cute to be in those kinda movies you know? but definitely drama.
  3. miranda:]

    True or false? Part 2

    true. has ever pulled the fire alarm?
  4. miranda:]


    oh i never thought of that. i wonder if that will happen.
  5. miranda:]

    Gossip Girl

    i was only able too see like one episode then i didn't get the channel anymore! i'm so mad cause its not like on the interenet or anything!!
  6. miranda:]


    Prom Nights From Hell or The Host?
  7. miranda:]

    Have You Ever Thread #3

    yes. hye stayed up at night thinking about stuff?
  8. miranda:]


    ^yeah. but i would have to go with twilight though. i could never get into hp. for some reason.
  9. miranda:]

    Favorite Taylor Pictures

    what!? lol. thats interesting!
  10. miranda:]

    Taylor's Hair

    i like the curls. :]
  11. miranda:]


    uhm, okay what is the movie where the girl is like powerful or a witch or something and she could make anyhting happen. it' when she is in highschool and she makes the popular guy fall in love with him. i remember it i just don't know the name. help! it's bugging me.
  12. miranda:]


    thats really intersesting. how one person or many people are totally into it and others could hate it. i personall loved the books. even though they were simple [stephanie's writing] it was realistic and realatable almost.
  13. miranda:]

    Hannah Montana: The Movie

    haha i love him now!!
  14. miranda:]

    Hannah Montana: The Movie

    haha. i will probably end up seeing it though.
  15. miranda:]


    wow. if New Moon turns out bad. the rest is just gonna suck big time. like hands down