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  1. ally


    wow I love this! (:
  2. ally

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    A Perfect Mess- From First To Last
  3. ally

    Your Favorite Music Video

    Let The Flames Begin! I love Crushcrushcrush too though
  4. ally

    Hayley with guitar

    Awesome pictures, I love it. thanks for posting!
  5. ^ I love these! nice work
  6. ally

    Confession Thread - Part 3

    I confess I don't feel good
  7. ally

    The Used!

    haha and that's why I love them, Dan looks great in a pink dress lol
  8. ally

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Degausser- Brand New
  9. ally

    Happy birthday Sam!

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. ally

    Graphics Contest Winners

  11. ally

    Hayley sings on new NFG record

    Cool. I hope the song is good haha (:
  12. ally

    The Person Below you #2

    Frank Iero V what month is your birthday in?
  13. ally

    The Person Below you #2

    Not really V do you play any instruments?
  14. ally

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Avril Lavigne – Together
  15. ally

    The Wish Thread

    I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow