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  1. mnsiclife

    Paramore Singles Club

    Ok, thanks
  2. mnsiclife

    Paramore Singles Club

    So this won't be on itunes?
  3. mnsiclife

    What Are You Listening To? - Part 12

    yeah yeah yeahs - phenomena
  4. mnsiclife

    riot rerelease?

  5. mnsiclife

    Next Single

    all i wanted, hopefully!
  6. mnsiclife

    New LJ Post Oct. 19 2009

    hahaha she's so cute
  7. mnsiclife

    OMG!! Hayley tweeted my Youtube video!!

    haha, I saw this, and was wondering if it's your video. awesome!
  8. mnsiclife

    Rate the Sig Above Thread Part 5

    lol 10!
  9. mnsiclife

    Most Popular Brand New Eyes Song

    haha which song did you vote?
  10. mnsiclife

    Most Popular Brand New Eyes Song

    misguided ghosts made me cry. (wow, 0 vote for feeling sorry?! i like that song too:shifty:)
  11. mnsiclife

    New LJ - Oct. 9th 2009

  12. mnsiclife

    Rolling Stone Ignorance Review

    3/4 Stars! wow:)